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This player home is located in the marshes between Solitude and Morthal. It includes a hidden armory/treasure room and a portal system. The portal system is a set of five 'Traveller's Shrines' spread across Skyrim. They are ONE WAY ONLY portals. This gives you a balanced shortcut to get home when your full of loot but it can't be abused. To gain entry you must loot the Traveller's body at the Roadside Ruins in Falkreath. He has the key and the 'Traveller's Stone' which unlocks the portals. Then you can make for the home itself or one of the shrines if happen to find one first. There's also a hidden treasure room. I'll post its location in the cell at the bottom of this page to avoid spoilers for those who would rather find it on their own.

As of Version 2.2 the key and Traveller's Stone can be found in Arvel's inventory in Bleak Falls Barrow. I felt this was a better integration for the home since we're not really sure about Arvel's background or his relationship to Lucan Valerius and the claw. I even added a couple lines to Arvel's journal that mentions that the home is in a marsh somewhere which provides a hint for the Dovahkiinto find the home. But it's far enough away that they don't have immediate access to it. That said if anyone prefers the original location of the key then Version 2.1 is completely usable! :D

I wanted to use vanilla assets almost exclusively. I added a couple things from some modder's resource packs, but 99% of the models are from Bethesda's original game. If anyone can point me in the direction of a table top staff enchanter I would gladly add one to the home, but only if it's a table to version.

Thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoy!

(Thanks to hodilton for the video!)(Please note that this video showcase version 1 only)

-Version 2.2 Features-

-Version 2.1 Features-

-Version 2 Features-




OpenBooks Resource
FoodContainer Resource
FPI Experiment Pack 1
Modular Crafting Table by Tueffel

Also, thanks to FalmerBane, bLaCkShAd0w and Elianora for inspiration.

Version 2.2 - Requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn!!!
-I was dissatisfied by the way the key and stone were integrated into the game.
-Traveller was removed from Roadside Ruin
-Key and Traveller's Stone added to Arvel's inventory in Bleakfalls Barrow
-Some lines added to Arvel's Jurnal indicating that the home is found in a swamp

Version 2.1 - Requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn!!!
-Some bug fixes
-Redesigned the bedroom (see description for images)
-Added clutter to treasure room (see description for images)

Version 2 - Requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn!!!
-Added staff enchanter
-Moved enchanting station
-Moved tanning rack and added tanning storage
-Added Solstheim Traveller's Shrine (no flag)( Still one way! )
-Added Solstheim Traveller's Stone (see images in description)

-Recommended upgrade process-
1- Clean out the home, take EVERYTHING you have stored inside including your followers
2- Get out of the home, travel to vanilla interior cell
3- Save in a new slot and exit the game
4- Uninstall version 1
(optional) 4.5- Uninstall ULTIMATE LUSH OVERHAUL patch
5- Enter the game, load your last save and click yes on the warning
6- Make a new save in a new slot and Exit the game
7- Install version 2
(optional) 7.5- Install Marsh Light Home version 2 - ULTIMATE LUSH OVERHAUL patch
8- Enter the game, go back to the home and enjoy the changes.