Dovahkiin's home in Riverwood by zajkoajko
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Added: 30/06/2014 - 04:16PM
Updated: 18/07/2014 - 04:51AM

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Last updated at 4:51, 18 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 16:16, 30 Jun 2014

===================================================== Changelog v1.2 ===================================================

Version 1.2

* name changed from Dovahkiin's home in Riverwood to Arvel's house.
* names of chests fixed
* now with simple mini quest to earn the house.

- you can find key in Bleak Falls Barrow (obviously Arvel have key from his house)
- or if you was in Bleak Falls Barrow some time ago and so most probably corpse of Arvel the Swift
is not there anymore then you can also find one copy of key in pocket of Lucan Valerius.

- one way or another you can use his house once you get the key

- THX to raxo2222 for his feedback and ideas :)

==================================================== Changelog v1.1 ====================================================

Version 1.1

* music changed (for faster loading)
* added wall mounted candle (instead of dibella)
* added small magic effect under the sigil stone

===================================================== Description ======================================================

This mod add player house named Dovahkiin's home in Riverwood. Located right side of Alvin's house.

I was thinking about small area over there for some time and so i decide to do some small simple player house with chests for :

ingredients, books, food, gems, potions, soul stones, treasures, smithing stuff and one main chest

There is also enchanting and alchemy tables in corners.

I was trying to create something small and simple but with all what player need and to fit much as it is possible in Rivewood.