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Check out this video Below at 6:00 minutes will show the Armor

This mod adds several elements to the game. If you are familiair with Bosmer Armor Pack Then you know most of what that sweet mod adds. Several armor sets, weapons, lore etc.. Well this mod does something similar. It adds a new armor set with 3 helmet variations all with male, female, Argonian, and Khajiit support. The armor itself is a retexture of the Bosmer armor, it fits the style so well. Though the cuirass has glowing Bosmeri runes depicting the Green Pact Order. This mod also adds A bow, short blades (new Model), and Arrows (New Model).

To honor the Green Pact, the Bosmer cannot harm any plant life. That means no eating fruits or vegetables, no cutting down trees for lumber, and no farming and harvesting of crops. This has lead to a strict carnivorous diet among Bosmeri culture. Which is also the reason why most if not all Bosmer are quick to pick up the bow.

To dive into this mod, it is mostly focused on the "Falkreath" area. Since the mod focuses on bringing the presence of Y'ffre (Bosmer Deity) to Skyrim, it only seemed fitting for a god of nature. Locate the previously known "Roadside Ruin" which has had a small face lift. This would be the focal point of this mod. A shrine with a blessing of Y'ffre resides there, it increases Archery by 25% and Stamina Fortification and Regen by 10%. A Pretty generous buff for the hunter type but, it's necessary for the next step.

To acquire the armor pieces and weapons, an offering of burning incense must be made to the god Y'ffre. Any incense will not do, Y'ffre want's you to prove yourself. By providing the means of hunting new "Game" has been bestowed upon the land of Falkreath. You must track and hunt these Spirit's of Y'ffre . By defeating them you can loot "Nature's Incense".Return to the Shrine of Y'ffre and burn the incense at the brazier. You can choose among the list of equipment provided, and obtain your reward.

If EvildeadAsh34 could make a patch for Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows we would be much oblidged.

1. Green Pact Boots 2. Green Pact Hand Guards 3. Green Pact Armor
4. Green Pact Helmet 5 Green Pact Hooded Helmet 6. Arrow of the Green Pact
7. Green Pact Hood 8. Green Pact Shoulder Cape 9. Bow of the Green Pact
10. Blade of the Green Pact 11. Short Blade of the Green Pact

To obtain the armor and weapons, Nature's incense is required.

Bone's of Y'ffre are rare to come by, about a 1/4 chance to drop. Use these rare treasure's at a grindstone or armor bench to upgrade your Green Pact Equipment.

The Shrine of Y'ffre is located north west of "Falkreath"

Check out this retexture done as a request. Download as an optional file, Main file required.

-Manual install - Download, and extract. Merge with files within Data Folder.
-Nexus mod Manager (Recommended)
Watch video tutorial by Gopher for those new to Nexus Mod Manager

Green Pact Armor uses the same models necessary for this mod. Besides, how could you not want this fantastic mod?

Many Thanks must go into this mod.
Arcane51388 - Armor and weapon texture, Creation Kit.
ZeroEternalz - Creation kit, Creature AI.
Maymay1588 - As Always Maymay has assissted with our mods and continues to do so. She helped design the Gloves by reworking the model. She also took many of the Amazing Screenshots to help show off this mod.
Arynn - Without Arynn's original design for the chest used in "Bosmer Armor Pack", this mod would not exsist.
Ghosu - Ghosu's design for the Tauriel's Dagger is the Base model for the Short Blades.
Wulfharth - Wulfharth's dragonbone bow is a perfect model for the bosmer style.
Maty743 - Maty's mod "Bosmer Armor Pack is the foundation and inspiration for the creation of this mod.

Druid Essentials
Fenrir the Frost Wolf

You may not upload this mod to other mod sites. Using assets of this must acquire the permission of all persons mentioned in the "credits" section.