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Ever wish Chillrend was a Greatsword, or a Bow, or a Dagger, or any of the other weapon types? Well, now you can have them all! Full set of Glass weapons with Chillrend's enchantment and retextured to match.

Weapons: Arrows, Battleaxe, Bow, Dagger, Greatsword, Mace, War Axe, Warhammer
--all have tempering recipes, and can be improved just like the original Chillrend if you have a Refined Malachite and the Arcane Blacksmithing perk
--Chillrend Arrows are craftable at the forge under the Glass category using 1 Refined Malachite, 1 Firewood, and 1 Frost Salts
--all weapons (minus the arrows, of course) carry the maximum strength Chillrend enchantment

To acquire these weapons, head to Castle Dour. When Mercer Frey stole the original Chillrend from the Castle Dour armoury, he didn't know that there was a frost-covered chest sitting neglected underneath a table in the Castle Dour Dungeons. Find it, and steal the rest of the Chillrend weapons for yourself.

I've seen a number of requests for a complete Chillrend armoury, and being a lover of Chillrend myself, I thought "hey, I could do that." So here we are. I think 99% of us can honestly say that we absolutely hate leveled reward versions of weapons that carry weaker enchantments, which is why I've only included one version that has max-level enchantments. If you're worried that's a bit of a cheat. . . well, I'm giving you an easily accessible chest full of powerful weapons. It's already a cheat.

I have not touched anything regarding the original Chillrend. The weapons do use the vanilla enchantment, so if you have a mod that modifies the Chillrend enchantment, it will also affect these weapons.

The unique dry ice effect for Chillrend was made specifically to fit the Glass Sword model. As a result, the waves of icy air will emanate from thin air on the shorter weapons (it's only really noticeable on the dagger). I think it looks fine (the air is still coming from the general area of the weapons), and it's not really something I can fix, but I thought I would mention it.

The mod has been cleaned in TES5Edit to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Latest update and Dawnguard

Update 1.1
--upped base damage of all weapons to bring them in line with vanilla Chillrend's higher damage compared to regular Glass

--use NMM, or extract the ChillrendWeapons.esp and meshes and textures folders to your Skyrim Data folder
--use NMM, or delete ChillrendWeapons.esp and the meshes and textures folders named chillrendweapons.

Credits/Programs Used:
--Skyrim Retexturing Software Tutorial by David Brasher

If you want to incorporate my mod or its resources in a mod of your own, you may do so provided that you credit me for anything you use. I would also greatly appreciate it if you send me a link so I can check it out.

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