Fortify enchanting necklace by Jim
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V2: Item is now craftable for one silver ingot at a forge.


Makes the fortify enchanting effect available via an in-game item. For a rough idea of magnitude, one piece of enchanted armor = one enchanting potion at equivalent skill.

Enchanting restrictions are identical to "Fortify Heavy Armor" (neck/chest/arms/finger). Use No Enchantment Restrictions to allow effect to apply to all armors.

WARNING: not balanced in the least. (Neither is vanilla Skyrim, but be warned). All I'll say this is that this can and will make game-breakingly powerful stuff if used improperly (or "properly"). It's turned off in vanilla for a reason.

To obtain the necklace: "additem XX001001" or search for the formid with

help "necklace of enchanting" 0

Please test and report any bugs.