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The leveling system of the previous games, while flawed, did something interesting in tying attribute progression to the way you played the game. In Skyrim all of that was cut and we are left with a generic and shallow pick Health, Stamina or Magicka on level-up. What this mod does is tie attributes and perks to the skill specializations: Combat, Stealth and Magic.

Every skill-up gives you experience toward their specialization. E.g.: Smithing increases give Combat experience. If you level up just like you would in vanilla and have gained enough experience in one of the specializations you will automatically gain the following effects shown by a notification:

Combat:: 10 Health, 5 Carrying Capacity, 1 Combat Perk
Stealth:: 10 Stamina, 0,5% Health, Stamina and Magicka regeneration, 1 Stealth Perk.
Magic:: 10 Magicka, 0,5% magic resist, 1 Magic Perk.

Surprisingly the game already color-coded attributes and skills in exactly that way.
This replaces the vanilla leveling bonuses, the vanilla level-up menu will still pop up but it won't affect anything. I can't prevent that without breaking the game.

While it is possible to have level-ups without increases, no experience is lost as everything is carried over to the next level so that you might simply get two increases the next time. The rates are all based on the vanilla formula but will increase just a tiny bit faster.

Perks can only be spent on skills of the respective specialization. When you have a Combat perk for instance all Stealth and Magic skills will be temporarily set to 0 which means the first perk of every skill can still be unlocked with any perk. This wasn't originally my plan but I think it worked out nicely in giving you more freedom and incentivizing experimentation with new skills. Perks gained through making a skill Legendary can be used for any skill which gives that whole thing at least some use. You'll get one perk at a time if you have more perks they will be awarded after you have spent one.

Training now works differently as your allowed training sessions now carry over from level to level. Per default you will get two training sessions per level. You can change this by opening the console and typing "Set TrainingPerLvl to X" without the quotes where X is the number you want to set.

While I was at it I also removed the heal when you level up that always bugged me. You shouldn't feel like you are losing something when you level up.

Requires SKSE 1.7.0 (or later). Works on existing saves. The current experience is carried over and evenly divided into the three specializations. All previously acquired perks will still be useable on all skills. To uninstall spent all perks and simply deactivate the mod.
Compatible with all skill and perk mods that don't also change attribute progression (Requiem for instance does that). Compatible with mods that give you additional perk points, you will be able to spent those on all skills.

Skyrim Skills Redesigned:
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WinterFlame's Smart Training for being the first to figure out how to save trainings per level.