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Skyrim Reloaded is my project that i am doing to try to make skyrim
better, i will be including features and addons so that some of the mods i know
of will be compatible.

Permissions and credits
Skyrim Reloaded v0.0.0.1

Background-Skyrim Reloaded is my project that i am doing to try to make skyrim
better, i will be including features and addons so that some of the mods i know
of will be compatible. if you have a mod you wish to have a addon built for then
just email me at or simply at [email protected]

- If you do not have the items it will not show up in the menus-Skyrim about 30%
- Able to turn off ability to make custom armor's show up, say you dont want to

see custom armors then they dont show up
- Same for weapons and custom items
- same for Smelting items down

- not enough items=noshow--30% (skyrim and update only)
- MCM menu--features above all done and in menu

Requires SKYUI and SKSE (Latest versions)

Next Update-
Fix all bugged item recipies
Finish Recipies
Add Unofficial Skyrim Patch as dependancy
Rework Armor stats

Planned Features
- Addons for other mods
- Rebuild Perks System
- Different Settings for Smithing perks and crafting
- Update for ALL DLCs
- Add More Features
- Rename Skyrim Reloaded
- Change the whole layout for blacksmithing
- Upgrade everything to use all mods
- Bring use for clay/quarried sone for something other then building via

- Allow for custom perktrees(?)
- Addons for any mod requested
- Bash/omod/NMM installers, and posibly a exe installer
- Rebuild Alchemy to include cooking
- Make Custom SKills for Fishing, Mineing, Tanning Rack, and few other things in

- Add Custom Game Settings Menus

Current AddonS For sure-
-TERA Armor Collection-CBBE
- CCO- Complete Crafting Overhaul
- Dwemer Cerified
- Better Bows
- Black Rose
- Cooking Expanded
- Expanded Jewelry Crafting
- Gem Dust Forging
- -JK- Crafting Breakdown
- Official DLC's
- Lady of Death CBBE
- RND-(Plus all addons)
- Monster Mod (Plus addons (conjuration and new items)
- Unique Bows Collection
- unofficial patches
- Adult Toys Merchant
-Angelic Halos ANd Demonic Horns
-Arrow Fletching
-Community uncapper

Posible Addons(Unsure at this time)
=Build Your Own home
=Achieve That!
=Bandolier- Bags and Pouches
=Harvest auto harvest and loot
=Hearthfire Expanded Homes Vaults and Lost Garden
=Hentai Mixed Armor
=Merchant of Ivalia
=NeV-P Extream(All)
=Piercings for CBBE
=Real WildLife
=SkyRealism(Posibly all)
=**As much CBBE armor as posible**
=Better Trade And Barter
=Wepons/Armors/Cloths/Cluter and as many other fixes as can be found

Side Notes-
*****When i Get a chance i will also do Different nude/body replacers(Currently
using only CBBE and CHSBHC-BBP nude and Jiggly ******

Known Bugs-
1) some armor shows up only after you have 1 more of all the items needed in
crafting menu(Currently Working of fixing this)

Simply unpack the mod into your data folder/install using NMM or any other

program that installs like NMM
(will be this way until Addons are added then will change)

Change Log-
****This will be in its own file after i get some more done****

Q) Can i build a addon/patch for MSR
A) Yes, but please Email it to me for close inspection
Include a file with (what the mod it is patching,what the mod conflicts with
without patch, and your Nexus username(For Credit))

Q) Can you create patch for ________ Mod
A) Given time, yes, feel free to email me the mod name,mod url and your username
(for readme credits and so i can inform you when it is up)

Q) I found a bug you going to fix it
A) yes, email me your complete mods list(all installed), a detailed report of how
it happened, and if any of your mods are known to conflict(and i will be happy to
fix the issue if i can

Q) Why the name change from Smithing to Skyrim Reloaded
A) I realized that i will be changing more then just the Smithing, so i decided
to make a full list