Personal Breezehome Armor and Weapon Kit by DoubleExFatez
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Added: 24/06/2014 - 04:37PM
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Last updated at 16:40, 24 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 16:37, 24 Jun 2014

Ever wanted an armor and weapon kit in Breezehome?
If so this is the mod for you! (Kind of)

This mod adds an Armor set named Personal Armor to the game
It also adds a new weapon called Vìndìctìve (Locations specified in a note given to the dragonborn by Proventus when you purschased the house)

These items cannot be bought from any vendor!

These items are unique and DO NOT RESPAWN if you want to keep them, as eye candy or just to sell please be aware they DO NOT respawn. (Unless done via Console Commands)

Stats and Enchantments
Vìndìctìve - Chillrend lowest effect, does more damge than a normal Elven Sword with a base DPS of 17
Personal Cuirass - Fortify Health medium enchantment, increasing health by 50
Personal Boots - Fortify Stamina medium echantment, increasing stamina by 40
Personal Gaunlets - Fortify One-Handed medium enchantment, increasing One-Handed DMG by 25%

This is a small mod at the moment, if anyone wants to help amke this a bigger mod please contact me.