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Life To Whiterun by SkyrimFreeLancer
Skyrim » Cities, Towns, Villages, and Hamlets
Added: 24/06/2014 - 01:25PM
Updated: 24/06/2014 - 11:01PM

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Uploaded by SkyrimFreeLancer


Last updated at 23:01, 24 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 13:25, 24 Jun 2014

This is a simple mod that adds a little life to Whiterun. This Replaces The Statue Of Talos, Put some Ebony Statue in front of Dragonsreach door, Sexy Dibella on the pool near the stairs to Dragonsreach and some Aspen trees to give life to the vegetations on Whiterun.

Drop all files to your Data folder and Activate them.

Known Bugs?
Some times Heimskr doesn't preach for unknown reason. (Maybe a good thing?)

Some mods that modifies Whiterun.


Very Welcomed. If you have Modder's Resource for me to use, That would be awesome too.

Change Logs
v1.0 Now With Lusher Trees! We want shades as we walk at noon right? or not? xD Eh, Just DL it!

v2 Much Much Lusher! And Ebony Statue Size Fixed! (Look at Screen Shot!) So its Alot Bigger! :P And two banners at the Stairs too.

Also taking request too! Comment your favorite place Hold/Hamlets/Villages/Cities and i'll do what i can. NOTE I do every request seriously, so if i did your request, Download and Endrose! xD

Malo, For his Statues. (The one that i used for Talos, and the Ebony)
Bethesda for Skyrim,Creation kit.
Nexus for Awesome Site.