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Are you tired of Nazeem insulting your station, Braith refusing to give the the respect you deserve for being slightly older than her, Shopkeepers yelling around you, cows standing there eating stuff feeling all self-satisfied with their lives? I have an answer: The Wabbacoin.

The Wabbacoin looks exactly like the Wabbajack, but it does so much less!

I've inexpertly chopped large portions of the wabbajack script out, leaving only the coin death option (and a 1% chance of the elemental boom).

Nobody Cares! You can turn children, parent's, annoying priests, Jarls, and those self-satisfied cows into coins and ash and nobody will bat an eyelash (Except Rogvir, They hate when you kill the guy they want to execute.)

If you can't search the remains, it means you've killed someone the developers considered integral to the plot...

... or a child. Those little snot bags should not be immortal. They're useless.

The Wabbacoin can be found in Dragonsreach, in front of the fire.

Just point, click, and laugh.



I've added the Wabbascket, WabbaSpoon, WabbaRoll, WabbaWabba

The WabbaWabba replaces the WabbaCoin in Dragonsreach.

WabbaWabba transforms people and creatures into the other wabbastaffs.


In all seriousness, this was a catharsis mod for me.
It's based on what I learned in my first successful foray into script territory.
The road here has been quite frustrating and turning Nazeem into money helps, just a little.