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~~~~~~~Dafuq is this?~~~~~~~~~
Just like the first part of this,everything,but logic.So if you´re looking for lore-friendly stuff that actually makes sense,leave now and never come back.

~~~~~~~~Yeah,but wtf does this mod do?~~~~~~~~~
-Add stuff to your game,duh...
-Make really useless items really useful,but I get side-tracked easily
-Okay,enough of this

It adds:
-A sword that anti-kills people
-Cooking recipes to turn daggers into food with special properties
-Rock candy!(Currently only has ice-flavour)

Update 1.1(of "screw it,I´ll make it groar"):
-Go into the arcaneum,there´s a soup for you...that you can read. I guess you could call it a poem of a meal...
-And because someone wanted socks so bad,as if his life depended on it,I added a pile of those next to the well in Whiterun
-This update also features a shout that heals friend and (mo-)foe.It uses words that are learnt with vanilla shouts,so try getting life,flesh and grace. Since I had to find out that every shout word has its specific sound file for every gender of every playable race, I thought "♥♥♥♥ this ♥♥♥♥,bear noises will do just fine"
You might need to give it to yourself by console.
-And lastt butt nott least,"A bow! That works like a sword! Because screw logic!" It´s on ä täble in Bättleborn-Farm

I just uploaded this,give me some time!
But more really useful stuff is on the way

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Not-yet-asked Questions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Q:Where can I find that swaggy sword?
A:Whiterun Catacombs,together with the swaggy, rotten remains of dead citizens

Q:Where can I find this "cool" Rock candy?
A:You can craft it at a smeltery,under "Food"...yep

Q:I don´t have the shout!!!1!one
A:type "help wounds 4" and then "player.addshout X" (X = the ID of SHOU: Shout at wounds)

Q:Instructions not clear,got arrow stuck in ♥♥♥♥
A:That´s not a question...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~More stuff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The obligatory first part:

Look at what this dude has made(he´s done a lot more than me):

Ask me before using the brainfarts of me and the community,that I just turned into a mod