Shout of Healing by ZTeioh
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Last updated at 6:10, 24 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 23:18, 21 Jun 2014

A simple mod that allows player to recover oneself and ally. It can be found in Dragonreach. First word recovers 100 health/magicka/stamina. Second word recovers 200 heatlh/magicka/stamina. Third word recovers 99999 health/magicka/stamina. Whenever you use a cheating cooldown or not I don't care, just have fun with this. The only reason I add this is because sometimes in a specific circumstance you need something quick and you forgot to buy a potion so this is an ability for you to be added to on your side protection. Think of it as an emergency plan. Again, thank you Bifteki for a small lecture on Papyrus Script...also those who gave me an advice on this mod to keep it balanced. The first shout is 1 minute, second shout is 2 minutes then third shout is 3 minutes. The video is just for display only, it shows you how the shout works. You will need a Dragon's Soul to be able to use it. You can always give me an idea of what to work on next owo. (Just don't say models or races ;; I can't work on those kind of stuff I don't use Blender/3DSMax)