Sidious Summoning-New conjuration spells via new merchant by Darth Sidious
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Put your conjuration skill to more use with new spells. Vanilla Skyrim has tiny selection of conjuration spells so I decided to improve that a little. Master spells will become more useful as thralls arent that exciting to have around, for me at least. More spells to come.

All spells can be obtained through Deidre, new merchant located in Arcanaeum, she has other items in stock too and has 20.000 gold to barter with. Spells become available as your reach appropriate level in conjuration, master spells will become available when you complete Conjuration Ritual quest. If the spells are not immediately available wait for 48 hours for her inventory to respawn. Magicka cost for new spells is roughly based on existing Skyrim spells.

Master level creatures scale to level 300 to make them viable for players on high levels.

How to update from older versions-download latest version and just overwrite the old one.

Update 1.06-added six new spells.
Conjure Dwemer Warrior Spectre, Dwemer Mage Spectre, Dwarven Ballista, Sabre Cat, Mephala's Brood Spider, Mephala's Brood Queen.
Updated FX for undead creatures.

Update 1.05-added six new spells.
Conjure Xivilai, Meridia's Lightbringer, Molag Bal's Ravager, Vampiric Shade, Deadlands Scavenger, Venomfang Skeever.
Larger file size for 1.05 is because of facegendata for several creatures.

Update 1.04-added two new spells.
Conjure Mora's Cultist, Mora's Priest.
Fixed some creatures that dropped weapons upon death. Changed FX for Aurorans and Golden Saints.

Update 1.03-added eleven new spells.
Conjure Red Mountain Ghost, Red Mountain Ancient Ghost, Auroran, Auroran Elite, Bound Vampire, Bound Ancient Vampire, Bound Vampire Shadowlord, Dark Seducer, Dark Seducer Elite, Golden Saint, Golden Saint Elite.

Update 1.02-added five new spells.
Conjure Bound Wizard, Bound Wizard Adept, Elder Flame Atronach, Elder Frost Atronach, Elder Storm Atronach.
Reduced duration for Master spells to 30 (60) seconds for greater balance, previously 60 (120) seconds.

Update 1.01-added six new spells.
Conjure Dwarven Spider, Dwarven Sphere, Dwarven Centurion, Chaurus, Chaurus Reaper, Cursed Sorceress.

Apprentice spells:

Frostbite Spider
Restless Draugr
Restless Draugr Archer
Skeleton Archer
Dwarven Spider
Venomfang Skeever
Deadlands Scavenger
Sabre Cat

Adept spells:

Cave Bear
Frost Troll
Draugr Wight
Draugr Wight Archer
Skeleton Warrior
Skeleton Warrior Archer
Spriggan Matron
Giant Frostbite Spider
Dwarven Sphere
Bound Wizard
Elder Flame Atronach
Red Mountain Ghost
Bound Vampire
Dark Seducer
Golden Saint
Mora's Cultist
Vampiric Shade
Dwemer Warrior Spectre
Dwarven Ballista

Expert spells:

Draugr Scourge
Draugr Scourge Archer
Skeleton Lord
Skeleton Lord Archer
Dremora Warlock
High Seeker
Gargoyle Brute
Cursed Sorceress
Dwarven Centurion
Chaurus Reaper
Bound Wizard Adept
Elder Frost Atronach
Red Mountain Ancient Ghost
Auroran Elite
Bound Ancient Vampire
Dark Seducer Elite
Golden Saint Elite
Mora's Priest
Meridia's Lightbringer
Dwemer Mage Spectre
Mephala's Brood Spider

Master spells:

Draugr Death Overlord
Draugr Death Overlord Archer
Skeleton King
Skeleton King Archer
Dremora Master Warlock
Dremora Warmaster
Lurker Vindicator
Dragon Priest
Elder Storm Atronach
Bound Vampire Shadowlord
Molag Bal's Ravager
Mephala's Brood Queen


Skyrim 1.9


Extract contents of, copy meshes, textures and SidiousSummoning.esp to Skyrim Data folder. Check SidiousSummoning.esp in your Data Files.


Delete SidiousSummoning.esp and related files.

Hope you will enjoy, and report any problems and requests in the comments.