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Hunky Farkas has been ported to Skyrim Special Edition: Hunky Farkas SSE


The first time you meet Farkas outside of Whiterun he and his fellow Companions have just slain a giant (or are still attempting to slay it, depending on your Dovahkiin’s timing). He’s big, gruff, and looks like he could crush a sabre cat with one hand. But when you talk to him, you discover he’s actually a sweetheart with a heart of gold and a bad habit of self-deprecation. My Dovahkiin found him endearing and wanted to give anyone who called him unintelligent a good thrashing. I instantly knew why so many ladies and gents married Farkas, or at least were best friends with him.

However, there were a few things about his appearance that I didn’t feel suited him. Now, warriors are supposed to be dirty when they’re out slaying bandits and monsters and whatnot. I’m sure our Dovahkiins aren’t always sparkling clean. But when one gets to come home to a lovely, upside-down boat like Farkas does, he should at least want to wash the grime off. On top of that, his complexion looked like he sat way too close to the fire (or possibly in the fire) while drinking his mead. And I was never a big fan of the sloppy, “raccoon eyes” warpaint.

I tried my best to keep him the same sweet, scruffy Companion that we all know and love, just cleaner and a bit more handsome. I removed the dirt and warpaint, smoothed out his complexion, made a few facial tweaks and proportion adjustments, darkened his hair a bit, and gave him a slightly different hairstyle.

He is also now wearing Companion Wolf armor instead of steel, so he looks like a true member of the Circle. And the comments about his armor from the Silver Hand in Dustman’s Cairn now actually make sense. Plus, he looks quite handsome in it. Will he keep wearing the armor after Dustman’s Cairn and the Proving Honor quest? The answer is… I think so. My current Dovahkiin is well past Proving Honor, and Farkas is still wearing the Companion Wolf armor. But, knowing Farkas’ love for all things steel, there’s always a tiny, yet unlikely chance he could decide to be stubborn and revert back to his old, mismatched set of steel. Hopefully not.

I hope you enjoy this cleaner, more handsome Farkas, and if you do, endorsements are very much appreciated. I also love seeing screenshots of the characters in game, so please upload them to the "Images" section.

Required Mods

None. I used only vanilla resources.

Recommended Mods

(If you want Farkas to look exactly like he does in the screenshots)
1) High Quality Eyes by Xenius:
2) Better Males – Beautiful Nudes and Faces – New Hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul:
(I used “Faces – YoungerFacesMergedWithMenByGeonox”)


Extract the file to a temporary location.
Copy/place the .esp in your Skryim Data folder.
Merge my "meshes" folder with the "meshes" folder in your Skryim Data folder.
Merge my "textures" folder with the "textures" folder in your Skyrim Data folder.
Make sure the .esp is checked in the “Data Files” section of the Skryim Launcher.

As for where it should go in your load order, it doesn’t really matter, although I would recommend putting it ABOVE any multi-follower mod (AFT, EFF, UFO) just in case.


Uncheck the .esp in the Skyrim Launcher.
Delete the .esp from your Skyrim Data folder.
Delete my meshes and textures.


As this changes Farkas, it will most likely be incompatible with any other mod that changes him.


None that I know of.


Please leave a comment or send me a PM, and I'll respond as soon as possible.


Please ask my permission before using my mod in your work, and please give me credit for my mod.


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