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Adds a playerhome to the Skaal Village.

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I really loved the Skaal Village, but was disappointed that there was no way to acquire so much as a bedroll there, even after being named Skaal-friend. I looked for a nice home mod, but couldn't find anything that suited my particular tastes. Most of them were either a bit too big or a bit too fancy for my liking. I don't mean to knock any of the other homes; they were all nice, but I envisioned a home among the Skaal as a very simple and humble shack. Being an outsider, I'm not going to get a big home with noble furniture or smithing stations, I'm going to get a little one-room shack on the outskirts of the village. So, here it is: the Skaal Shack. I tried to make this home both useful and humble. There's no smithing stations (you can walk over to the blacksmith's house if you want to forge something) or mannequins or fancy furniture; just a few necessities and a bed and some safe storage. I'm not obsessed with lore, but I did try to make something that fit the lore and aesthetic of the existing Skaal Village as much as possible. I also tried to furnish and decorate it in a way that looked good but left room for player decorations. There's not a lot of static decorations, but also not so much stuff that there will be a junk explosion if you bump something.

Just so we're all clear: there are no extra beds for followers or children, no forge/tanning rack/workbench/grindstone, no mannequins/display cases/shield plaques--this is purely a simple shack with only basic amenities designed to be lore and roleplay friendly.

--double bed
--enchanting and alchemy stations, cooking pot, and a chopping block outside
--three chests, a strongbox, knapsack, alchemist's satchel, fully-operational bookshelf, and various barrels, sacks, and dressers/cupboards
--house is a no reset zone, and I've double-checked that all containers do not respawn; there is one fish barrel outside that DOES respawn
--there's a small weapon rack near the door that holds 3 weapons; one of them is pre-loaded with a Nordic War Axe
--there's also a chest beside the door that holds a full set of Skaal Clothing, and the chest next to the bed contains a Nordic Shield
--fully navmeshed so followers can come inside the shack
--the mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit, with all ITMs, UDRs, and other dirty edits removed

Changes for 2.0:
--added some interior walls to give the bedroom a little more privacy
--added a few new candles so the shack feels a little warmer and isn't so dark
--the woodpile next to the door is now a container, so you have a place to store your firewood
--added a chair and wardrobe to the bedroom, changed the dining table from round to square, added various clutter
--added a Skaal Amulet, because I think some fine Skaal craftsmanship was needed to add some flair
--keywords and location have been updated: the Skaal Shack is now officially a player home, and sleeping in the bed will give you the Well Rested Bonus, or Lover's Comfort if you have your spouse move in

I recommend moving your stuff out and making a clean save before updating.  However, I did not edit or remove any existing containers, so upgrade as you see fit.

Unfortunately, there's very few places in the Skaal Village to add anything larger than a shed. The best place to put a new house is on the path on the western side of the village, which means that it's a popular location for any Skaal Village mod.

NOT Compatible:
Skaal You Need - Skaal house and follower by Elianora: uses the same location
Brunnsheim - A home among the Skaal by rajti15: uses the same location
Solstheim Extended - Skaal Village by pipas: places a creek and shed in the same location. It would be possible to make a compatability patch, but that would remove the creek for which the house is named, and you'd have two player homes directly across from each other.

Dragonborn Skaal Home by grigoriprime
Purchasable Home in Skaal Village by artificialsloth
Skaal Igloo by Jokerine

Skyrim, latest update, and Dragonborn; no need for Hearthfire or Dawnguard.

--Use NMM, or put SkaalShack.esp in your Skyrim/Data folder
--Use NMM, or delete SkaalShack.esp from your Skyrim/Data folder

Recommended mods:
--Spouses Can Live Everywhere by Emma and Amgepo: Quite handy if you decide you want your spouse to move into the Skaal Shack with you.

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