SkySight - HD Hi-Res Pillow (not a joke) by fadingsignal
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All of my work is from scratch, you will never find a texture mod from me that is simply an upscale *shudder*. If they look a lot like vanilla, it's because I spend an obsessive amount of time referencing the original texture and painting all the same marks in place (or as close as I can get.)

SkySight > Detailed Objects > HD Hi-Res Pillow

6/24/2014 WOW, this made it to Hot Files? I'm flattered but pardon me for giggling a bit! Thank you!

"SkySight" & "SkyGazer" are my series of vanilla-true HD re-textures. I am a bit obsessive about retaining as accurate to vanilla detail as possible. Stay tuned, many more objects in the works!

Now in luxurious smooth white!

"Are you serious?" -- Yes! It's silly, sure, but I'm on a roll with re-texturing some of the smaller, uglier, but important things that have been otherwise neglected by the big texture packs. Last night I was looking at the bed in Breezehome before a power nap and couldn't take it any more! All of this is good learning experience and practice for some bigger things I'm working on, and I'm just passing them along to others who think they might be useful.

This will replace the pillow textures for common beds. Unfortunately noble beds don't use this texture (those beds have a single texture that include the pillow) so it will only do the common beds, i.e. Breezehome, etc. for now. Future updates may include entire bedspread redux.

As always, brand-new texture and updated normal maps, with as-close-to-vanilla-as-possible detail. Comes in three material versions, rough (burlap) smoother (cotton-like), and a non-vanilla white cotton, in a higher thread count. Original was 256px, new version is 1024px (or 4x vanilla).

If my "SkySight Detailed Objects" group of textures ends up covering enough items, I will package them all up into a single mod with an installer to hand-pick what you'd like to replace.


v1.1 New white option added, plus new normal maps with cloth waves for all colors
v1.0 Released


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