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Walking the roads of skyrim are the four horsemen hunting you down, War, Famine, Pestilence and Death.

Where you can find them.

War- between Darkwater Crossing and Riften watchtower
Famine- btween solitude docks and windhelm
Pestilence- between ivarstead and falkreath
Death - old hroldan and Morthal.

They all have a daedric weapon with enchantment on them fetching a hefty amount of gold and they deal some considerable damage so hopefully you wont run into them in the early levels :)

if you spot any problems with this mod please let me know what you find and also any ideas for this.

have fun and try to collect all their Gear but be warned they will attack the Dragonborn on site.

update 2.0 Riders of Oblivion.

all Horsemen now have different armours and are unique. They are very dangerous and weapons maybe overpowered so I recommend using realistic damages for all weapons to add that extra realism to your combat, or just the edge against the Riders. locations of travel are the same, so no quests or dungeons yet. good luck and let me know what you think :)

update 1.1
death now travels from old hroldan to shors stone
sorted famine getting stuck at windhelm as I linked him to his horse... DUH
Famine,Pestilence and death use spells now to sap life and stamina plus a few other things ;)
have changed out deaths two handed for a new enchanted weapon with the blade of woe skin.
Choose Either the 1.1 for Vanilla or the Optional file for Dawnguard, Do not use both at the same time!

Future Plans:
This will be the start of a four part quest when its at its final stage, you will have the Riders of Oblivion which are already in, I will create four deities with the corresponding names, The riders are sub bosses and the deities will have the true power (main bosses). They will each have a dungeon and a quest to defeat them once you have killed the rider of that name.
Each rider will differentiate from the others with armours, styles, magic and maybe difficulty for effect.
I may use DLC's for extra Horses or Enemies. Maybe even for the deities as in creatures (still deciding how I'm going to set that up) but at the moment all you need is latest skyrim and latest update.
Some of this may be subject to change due to possible better ideas from the nexus public or restrictions with the CK.

Credits. - thanks to Miv357 for deaths weapon, looks amazing and is a formidable weapon to go against. - thanks to newermind43 for this armour for war. - thanks to natterforme for this armour for famine.
and - thanks to null9 for this armour for Pestilence.
And Finally a Massive Shout out To TheObstinateNoviceSmith for his help with my work on this, without his input I wouldn't of got this mod this far, cheers buddy for taking me to school with the Ck issues lol

Good luck in your quest to find them and feel free to drop a story of how your encounters with the riders went, should be a memorable confrontation I hope :)