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WIP Mod that hopes to add more exotic animals to Skyrim!

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*EDIT: Update incoming, at latest Thursday 2pm Eastern. Will include increased spawns, potential roaming and possibly new animals.*


This mod aims to add more exotic animals to the game, particularly to be used in conjunction with the Tropical Overhaul mod. Currently, the only animal added is the warthog, an enlarged, more unique version of the Bristleback Boar from Dragonborn.

Currently Warthogs will mill around, grazing or hunting down prey, as they are omnivores. When approached, Warthogs continue whatever they were doing. When attacked, the warthog will flee, then turn and face their opponent. If the player approaches he warthog as this stage, it will attack. Warthogs are dangerous for early players, but very easy for higher leveled characters.

Warthogs will eventually roam freely across Skyrim, but currently can be found nearby the Whiterun stables.

- Warthog AI - 80% (All that needs to be changed is spawning and roaming behavior)
- Warthog Health, Damage, Ect - 100%
- Warthog Drops - 100%

More feaures will be added shortly, but to keep you posted


-Netches, rare spawns in Skyrim.
-Hyenas, less common then wolves but slightly deadlier
- Buffalo, reskinned, dangerous cows.
- More slaugherfish spawn areas
- Hippo, dangerous animal found near water.

- Giraffe (Top-Prioity)
- Crocodile