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Added: 20/06/2014 - 10:05PM
Updated: 03/08/2014 - 02:57PM

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Last updated at 14:57, 3 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 22:05, 20 Jun 2014

Description : I was aiming for more of a weapon set I would actually use in game than anything else, no idea if this looks more or less glass-like than the vanilla texture. If I knew how to make standalone weapons then I would probably call this the emerald set instead of glass :)

Double Size Versions : This is NOT a HD retexture. I have done the odd edit on this set of textures that may benefit from people using higher res vs lossless though.. personally I will be using double res with normal vanilla compression I think

Lossless Versions : These 24/32bit versions give a nicer depth to the textures and should be free from any artifacts, but are much more memory intensive so if you are already low on V-RAM then avoid :). If anyone feels like editing my textures to their tastes (or mixing in the vanilla texture if you think I have gone OTT hehe) then these are also a lot nicer starting point.

Double Size Lossless Versions : For using as a custom edit base only :) ; I usually have around 700 meg v-ram free when out in the wilds of skyrim but when I tried to drop all of these weapons onto the ground it caused a CTD twice.. and that was before I made all of the environment masks 1k instead of 256 or whatever crazy they were :P

Possible Conflict Issues : I don't really have much of an issue with vanilla skyrim's crazy specular maps in this particular case so since I didnt edit them I left out the normal (which is also spec) files.. if you have another texture mod that covers glass weapons then you might get nasty results installing this over it without removing the other mod so skyrim can default back to the hd texture pack 1 normal map files.

Installation : Pick a version you like the look of and go for it, since it's only a texture replacing mod you can just extract to your data folder / install using a mod manager as normal.

Screenshots : I always use the lossless versions of my textures alongside an edited RealVision Nova ENB with Enhanced Lights And FX

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