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UPDATE: ENB Performance Comparison:

**Please come back with any comments! I would really like to know your favorite presets. Also, are some presets better or worse than you expected? Did you happen to find a new preset that you will try now after seeing these? Feedback would be great! This took me FOREVER to do. Seriously, it was a huge pain in the butt. It probably took 100+hours.

80+ ENB presets with over 1000+ Screenshots:

Aeon ENB
Beauty of Skyrim
Bleak ENB 119
Bleak ENB 254
Bleak Realism ENB
Evok ENB
Falkonian ENB
Far Off CGI
Far Off Pacific Northwest ENB
FeverNP Haze
Gionight's ENB 102
Insomnia ENB
Jasmin ENB 7.2
Jasmin ENB CoT
Jasmin ENB 9.0
K ENB Extensive
K ENB Extensive_The Living Lights
Kalicolas Enhanved Graphics ENB
Kinematic ENB
Kinematic ENB Extensive
Kountervibe ENB Extensive
Kountervibe ENB Extensive Shaders
Megatherium ENB
Midhrastic Screenarchery ENB
Morning Star ENB
Natural Lighting and Atmospherics ENB
Opethfeldtv6 ENB
Opethfeldt 7 ENB
Phinix Natural ENB
Pineapplevision ENB
poloENB 119
poloENB 223
Poupouri ENB
Project CoT ENB 119 Realistic
Project ENB 221
Quietcool PR CoT ENB
RealVision ENB 251
RealVision FULL CoT RLO
RealVision Nova CoT ELFX
Rudy ENB NLA Experimental
saltr end 119
Saraan Suum ENB
Seasons of Skyrim 212
Seasons of Skyrim 236 HD6 Tribute
Seasons of Skyrim 236 HDR
Seasons of Skyrim 119
Seasons of Skyrim HD6 Tribute 119
Serenity ENB
Sharpshooter Version 3 CoT
SkyRealism ENB Evolved
Somber 3 ENB
Somber Antique
Somber ENB Lut Sepia
Somber Unchained
Superb ENB RL 3.0
Tercero ENB
The Goddess ENB
The Grim and Somber ENB Director's Cut
The Mistveil ENB
The Mistveil ENB_Memory of Spring
The Mistveil ENB_Shades of Autumn
The Wilds 119
The Wilds CoT
The Wilds 149
True Vision ENB 119 Cinematic
True Vision ENB 236
True Vision ENB 201 Natural
Tundra ENB
Unbleak ENB 119
Unbleak ENB 254
Unreal Cinema ENB
Vividian ENB
Winterheart II
Wintertide Fantasy ENB
Zoners Performance ENB

1. If you wish to have you preset added, simply send me a PM.
2. If you think your ENB is not accurately represented, send me a PM and I will do my best to retake the images.

Some screenshots are not "fair" For example, in the first sets, some ENB presets make the cave extremely dark and you cannot see the NPC. That could be due to a lighting mod and it's a unique situation.

Secondly, a lighting .esp such as ELFX can really change the atmoshpere, but it's not necessarily part of the ENB preset. For example, I took a screenshot with UNBLEAK ENB in Bleak Falls Barrow with and without ELFX. The one with ELFX is noticeably better. I tried to ONLY use the required lighitng mod for each ENB preset as stated by the author. But for some, I may have forgotten to take off ELFX. So take the shadows into consideration for the indoor screenshots.

I did this for my personal use. There are bound to be mistakes. I may have put a sunrise image in a high noon folder for example.