Ashara Princes of the Woods CBBE Conversion With Extra Pieces and Bodyslide by VRDaphni VRApollo Spongeman131 and Dar0ne45
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Ashara Princess of the Woods

Do you want the Armor with HDT Bodyslide support?
Please check out this wonderful mod
HDT and Bodyslide conversion for VRDaphni's Ashara PotW CBBE by Raisuli2013  Thank you Raisuli2013

This is a CBBE Conversion of Ashara Princes of the Woods armor set. This modifies ALL of the female meshes to fit CBBE bodies, with some slightly modified versions of some pieces. Works with body weights 0-100, and also Caliente's CBBE Curvy and Slim body variants.

When outfit studio came out I had to start playing with it and Ashara's Princes of the Woods Armor was at the top of my list. CBBE doesn't have a lot of modular armor sets and thought this would be a good one to start with. Since I am very new at converting armors, I ran into some issues with some of the original meshes so I had to get creative and find new meshes for some of the pieces without losing the feel of the original armor. I hope you all like them and as I get better or get some help I will see about adding the original pieces back in.

List of Armor Pieces that have different meshes:
- Trouser
- TrouserBody
- Stockings

Other Variations:
- The Bodice and Dress no longer have the Panties attached. You craft all the panty colors under the 'Studded' section.

How do I get it?
- All pieces are craftable under the 'Studded' category at any forge and upgradable at workbenches and fully enchantable, just like the original mod.

Ashara Princes of the Woods for UNP and male v5.4 by SydneyB

Install Ashara's mod and then install the CBBE conversion, when asked to override, select "Yes to All"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you going to make this bodyslide compatible?
Yes, however, I have been working on this forever and wanted to get at least the 0-100 weight released. I am still a novice at bodyslide and with all the pieces it is going to take me awhile to get them all done.

Why are there difference meshes, it doesn't look like the original?
After converting some of the pieces the bone weights were still not working properly and there was a ton of clipping so I found a CBBE replacement that I thought would go with the armor.

Are you going to add the original meshes?
I don't know.... so right now I am going to say not at this time.

Why are textures being replaces?
Because there are different meshes and you need the right UV and Bump maps to go with them and VRApollo had to make it match the original texture.

Will this mod work with DreamBurrows Princess of The Woods Retexture by DreamBurrow?
Will work with everything except the trouser, trouserbody and stockings.

Credits and Permissions :

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ashara for letting me make a conversion of her wonderful armor set and helping me by answering questions and providing texture resources, the armor would not have come out as good as it did without those resources.
Ashara Princes of the Woods for UNP and male by SydneyB

Thank you to ousnius , who wrote awesome instructions on outfit studio and helped answer all my crazy questions through the forums and via PM :) Without him, I would have no idea how to use outfit studio or bodyslide.

Thank you to ChronoTrigger77 for allowing me to use a piece of his thigh high boot mesh to make the stockings and helping me with bodyslide questions and trying to help me with the clipping on the original meshes. We may still figure it out yet my friend. :)

Thank you VRApollo, he was critical in the development of this mod, he did all the Photoshop work re-texturing all the new meshes with the different emblems and colors. Which was a huge pain since they all had different UV and bump maps. And he came up with some fixes for some real interesting problems with the meshes.

Thank you SydneyB and raisuli2013 for testing the mod for me :)

BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio by Caliente. This conversion would never have happened without Outfit Studio. Love it!

Elven sniper set for CBBE by newmiller for the new Trouser and TrouserBody CBBE Mesh

Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide by ChronoTrigger77 for the new Stocking CBBE Mesh

Lingerie Set -CBBE 3_2 by Nausicaa for the panty CBBE Mesh

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