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Plugins that extend the "Light Optimizations" of Colorful Lights - No Shadows, to the DLCs.

Permissions and credits
Plugins that extend the "Light Optimizations" of Colorful Lights - No Shadows, to the DLCs.
--Changes "Shadow Producing Lights" to "Non-Shadow Lights"
--improves FPS; and leaves color/warmth of light intact.
--These plugins only affect the DLCs. See original mod for a more thorough explanation.
By UWShocks

Optimized Light Sources for more FPS
Dawnguard: 3 light sources
Dragonborn: 9 light sources
Total : 12 light sources

I purposely did not change "Shadow Spotlights", as the original mod does not change them; thus I am following the original mod author's decision on this issue.
--Because of this, "some" lights will still produce shadows.


Original Mod by TRoaches - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10789/

Permission Usage by TRoaches:

Author notes
You may use this mod as you wish, including editing, updating, or otherwise improving it, creating compatibility patches that reference it, or incorporating it into another mod. This permission is only granted if the resultant derivative work is publicly shared at nexusmods.com. Any such use of this file must abide by the nexusmods.com Terms of Service agreement. The TOS specifically prohibits the sharing of mod compilations, therefore the use of this file within a mod compilation is specifically prohibited.

--See original mod for info on what changes are implemented to optimize the light sources.
-----Basically, changed Shadow Lights [excluding Spotlights] to Omnidirection only.

My plugins only apply TRoaches "Light Optimizations" to the DLCs. You still need to use the original mod if you want the same optimizations applied to Skyrim.

--These Plugins should not caused any adverse issues to your game, they only modify "Lights" in the CK
--Plugins are BETA and provided as is.