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Adds the Oathbreaker's armor, boots, and gauntlets, craftable at any forge in the leather section. Male only. Same stats as Guildmaster's Armor, but not worth as much due to lack of enchantments.

Permissions and credits
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Fixed the values for BS Num UV Sets in the meshes. Special thanks to Serindas for bringing it to my attention.

In my opinion, the Oathbreaker's Armor is the best looking armor in The Witcher 2. Sadly, no one ever converted it to Skyrim. Everyone who was interested in converting Witcher 2 armors appears to have moved on to other projects.
After a lot of trial and error, and countless internet searches, I can finally share with you what is hopefully the first of many Witcher 2 conversions to come. Thanks for your interest, and happy adventuring!

Q & A:
Q: Are you going to do a female version?
A: No. I play as a male character, and I have no interest in having female npc's wear this armor.

Q: What's with your account name? Are you some kind of gun nut? Were there really already 154 other accounts named howitzer?
A: Actually, I used to serve in the U.S. Army National Guard. Specifically, I was a fire direction specialist in a field artillery unit. Our cannons were 155 millimeter howitzers, hence the name and the number.

Q: Why don't the shoulders look like they do in The Witcher 2?
A: I was having trouble with the rigging, and finally just shortened those, um, pauldrons? Anyway, I ended up liking it better the way it is.

Q: I'm feeling extra cheeky today. How can I use this file as an outlet for my goofy nature?
A: I suppose you could be a walking contradiction and wear the Oathbreaker's Armor while carrying Bolar's Oathblade. Even better, if I ever get the Blasphemer Armor finished, you could wear that while starting a fistfight with Heimskr. ;)

All assets are the property of CD Projekt Red. Feel free to use these models for any armor mash-ups you have in mind. Retextures are also welcome. I only ask that you do not simply re-release the original files under your own account. That's not cool. I'd also appreciate you not uploading this mod to other sites. I've taken a lot from the Nexus sites over the years, and I'm very thankful that I can finally give back something cool. Also, nothing saps a modder's motivation like seeing someone else claim credit for their work.

Tools Used:
Gibbed's RED Tools
W2ENT Converter
3DS Max 2012
Creation Kit

Thanks to CD Projekt Red for their generosity, and for treating gamers with respect and understanding.
Thanks to Bethesda Game Studios for making such an awesome and customizable game.