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Ser Pounce-a-lot
Sabre Cat Companion

Not much more to say except that he will level with you, does not affect stealth meter (he's a sabre cat for crying out loud, stealth is there thing XD ).
He will be .... well, should be behind the tavern in Riverwood, but it has been known that he likes to wonder and hunt Gerdur's live stock. No one knows why she tolerates a saber cat so near her family, but there are rumors of someone with a voice that sounds just like hers saying "Who's the pretty kitty? Yes you are!" in the middle of the night. Those are just rumors of course.

In the sabre cat follower there is a texture addition from Bestiality Extras from Gone (thanks for the awesome mod Gone).
It's the penis textures for the sabre cat. I have it installed and have no idea on how to remove it from the mod and what consequences that will have in my game if i do remove it just to pack the mod again, so i will leave it there. It's no biggie actually :)

Ohhh! Before i forget, there are no screenshots because he is a vanilla assests sabre cat, i would love to add an armored skin to it but my drawing skills do not go beyond stick figures XD

1.1 Ser Pounce-a-lot comes in 3 variations now:
The Normal Sabre Cat
The Snow Sabre Cat
The Vale Sabre Cat *you do not need dawngard for my vale version*
Ser Pounce-a-lot Spectral Version
Encumbrance has been modestly bumped to 20K :P