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  1. BeneathThePlass
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    The town itself is very lovely with this mod, and it's clear that a lot of work was put into it. Unfortunately, your quest seems to be broken. The quest never advances past the first goal of 'Find Zuar's House,' and after going through the dungeon, it really doesn't seem like there's any resolution to the quest. I'm not sure if the lack of resolution is intentional, but it doesn't seem like having the quest itself stuck on the first objective is correct. It's a little frustrating to have the quest stuck in my journal, haha, since I'm trying to get my number of active quests down. (A difficult thing in Skyrim, as I'm such you well know.)

    As a suggestion, you might want to consider taking this from one mod into two mods; one for the beautified town, and one for the horror quest dungeon. If you're still around and modding, I mean. The two different sides of this mod seem a little incongruous, and where one half of the mod might appeal to someone, the other half might not, since they're so different. I'll be honest; I downloaded this mostly for the town changes, and I was in no way prepared for the completely different quest/dungeon, since horror isn't really my thing. So- just a thought.
  2. vvk78
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    Found some videos with a walkthrough:

    Zuar's House and the secrets of Begotten Cave:

    Descent into Creepy Nightmare - The Shoals:
  3. Lroatch18
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    I've been looking for about 2 hours for this waterfall that the cave is supposed to be next to. Can somebody help me out?
    1. vvk78
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      Waterfall is behind the house - towards its northwest, if you are facing the house door.
      There's a sloped path adjacent to the house, which leads towards the waterfall and to the rear entrance of Embershard mine.

      Begotten Cave is above the waterfall. Jump on the rocks surrounding the waterfall.
  4. vvk78
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    After a recent Skyrim reinstall and getting back some fave mods, including this one, I finally got the time around to go through the Zuar quest.

    Got the quest for finding Zuar. Hmm, old man living near Riverwood, but the locals have not heard from him from a long time. Ominous. Okay, time to delve into the mystery.

    Okay, activated the quest. Map shows Zuar's house is near to Riverwood. Fast-traveled to Zuar's House.

    Am at Zoar's house now. Just an old cabin of an old man, who's not to be seen anywhere.

    Whoa, my Horse's head poking out from inside the house's wall! Definitely, an issue to be corrected by the mod author.
    No worries, Scriptdragon's Horse utility comes to the rescue, and quick hotkey action later, my Horse is safely placed near to the House.

    Okay, back to the mysterious quest. We've an old man to find!

    Hmm, house's door is locked. Hey, what's this? Found a note on the floor near the door. Wow, it is a treasure map. To the Key to Zuar's House. But, but, no! It is a ransom note. Someone has stolen his house's key and dropped this sketched note to show where it is. It is a challenge. "Come get the key, if you dare!"

    Surely, the old man must have seen this note, and rushed to get the key, thinking it must be some child's prank.
    So if the old man rose up to the challenge, must we not do the same?!

    Onwards, we go! The note in hand, the hunt for other clues must be on.

    The treasure map / ransom note shows the key is next to some cupboards,
    on a raised walkway/platform, in what appears to be the inside environs
    of a cave/dungeon/mine.

    The cave must be nearby, as its location must have been known to the reclusive old man.

    Alright, there's a sloped path leading upwards from near the house.
    Where does it lead to? A waterfall!
    Maybe the cave entrance is hidden behind it?
    Diving and wading into the waterfall.

    Nah, nothing there. Back to the path we go.
    But the path leads to Embershard mine!

    Is the key hidden somewhere inside there? Only one way to find out!

    Travelling into the mine.
    Hmmm, my Khajiiti senses tell me there's danger nearby.
    Time to gulp down some potions and cinch up my armor, and unsheate my sword and ready my flame spell.

    Bandits! Guarding every inch of this mine. Kill them all!!
    Whew, a few tense moments later, the mine is cleared.
    Or is it? Any bandits still lurking somewhere inside?
    Nope, world map now shows: "Embershare Mine: Cleared"

    Alright, so I found some hidden chests/containers with some ordinary loot, and got some food and ale as loot as well.
    But no key anywhere!

    Compare with the treasure map / ransom note again.
    Hmm, the central part of Embershard mine does look a bit like that raised walkway and cupboards in the sketch in the note,
    but it doesn't really match.

    Explore the mine some more to confirm our suspicions.
    Nope, we have been hunting in the wrong cave!

    Time to backtrack, and delve onwards into the mystery.

    Got out of the mine, now hunting for the cave.

    Was that waterfall here before the mod was added?
    Hmm, not sure.

    Let's explore area near the waterfall.
    Hmm, some rocks nearby. Jumping on them.

    There it is, the cave is right on top of the waterfall!
    Begotten Cave!

    What happens next? Will we find the key, and will we be in time to save the old man?!

    Install this mod, and find out yourself!
  5. User_25641989
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    I apologize for my English. I have a question - in the house of this mod must be so empty, or you want to do something in order that it appeared to the Essentials? And yet - in the cave in the upper room on the shelf is a diary, but it is impossible to pick. It is intended by the author or is it a bug?
    Mod is beautiful!
    • member
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    Does this mod add Bremu ironhand by the guardian stones?
  7. Grimoires
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    Lovely mod - love using it, but the house and cave place clash with a home i have in that exact location. :c
    If this mod existed with just riverwood and no house i would always use it!!
  8. theblumentopf
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    I'm really impressed by this mod. My favourite Riverwood overhaul by now, due to its subtlety and the nice little quest.
    However, i've found a glitch that seems to be caused by This Is Riverwood. Theres a large piece of earth with a tree stump floating over the bleakwind basin in the tundra near Whiterun. It disappeared when i uninstalled this mod.
    Would be awesome if this could be fixed.
  9. vvk78
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    Beautiful. Subtle, subdued, yet so much beautiful!
    Hodilton's video showcases just how much nicer your subtle touches for Riverwood are.

    Just downloaded this mod, but I think this might become one of my fave Riverwood mods.

    I got Leafrest. And v1.2 of this mod. What about compatibility patches for the v1.2 please?
  10. RamsaySnow
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    This is a great mod! However, it should be considered as a Horror quest mod, because that's the main point of the mod IMO (it overhauled Riverwood but the quest is far more interesting). It's way scarier than the other skyrim horror mods around. However, I'm having a problem with a glitch. Once I open the trap after getting the key in the house, I follow the path in the dungeon and there's a guy sitting at a table. I'm guessing he has the key for the door but I can't speak to him. When I press E near him, no dialogue triggers at all... That's weird. Am I supposed to do something else?