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Video for 1.4 update:

Version 1.3 overview in under 3 minutes (new personal record)

Video of Version 1.0 features (it should be embedded here but it doesn't seem to always show up) or scroll down for some light reading:


  • Update.esm, the latest updated version of Skyrim 1.9 (you do not need the DLC just the Legendary update)
  • SkyUI for MCM menu
Strongly recommended:

Written Details

Most all perk prerequisites have been removed.

Many bug fixes (including ones found in Unofficial Skyrim Patch )

Known issues
  • With Legendary Master perks eventually training with a high legendary skill will give enough experience for two levels but only level up once which then prevents training from working. The fix is to use the skill normally to level it and then the skill can be trained again.
  • MCM Menu
    Allows effects to spell magnitude to be compatible with other perk mods. That is, this can be used with Skyrim Redone. Also controls increase rates for:
    • Conjuration increases spell duration with skill level
    • Destruction increases spell damage with skill level
    • Restoration increases spell healing power with skill level
    • Alteration increases spell duration with skill level
    How perks effect spells:
    • Novice perk in illusion increases spell duration and level of effectiveness with skill level.
    • Bonuses for Apprentice and higher perks affect all spells in the school
    Removed helmet requirement from: (wearing a helmet or more than 3 pieces of armor will not brake the perks as with other mods)
    • Well Fitted
    • Matching Set (heavy)
    • Custom Fit
    • Matching Set (light)
    • Cushioned
    • Reflect Blows
    • Wind Walker
    • Deft Movement
    How is this mod different from the original uncapped perks mod?
    • TES5Edit reveals several errors and other problems if you look at the Uncapped Perks esps, magic especially has a ton of errors (one of the main reasons I stopped using it). It also overrides the bug fixes in Update.esm.
    • The perks are consistent. That is, you will not see a huge drop in benefit when taking perks requiring 100+ skill level.
    • Perks are realistically obtainable. Several perks required 200+ skill level to reach which, from personal experience, is only feasible for a hand full of skills. Illusion, alchemy, and smiting are the main examples, everything else starts taking a long time to level up. I all take into account the experience curve in some perks so the requirements also get closer together, instead of farther apart as some did in the original Uncapped Perks mod.
    Uncapped perks: Archery tree
    • Overdraw
    • Critical Shot
    • Quick Shot
    Alchemy tree
    • Alchemy
    • Poisoner
    • Physician
    • Benefactor
    • Concentrated Poison
    • Snakeblood
    Block tree
    • Shield Wall
    Destruction tree
    • Augmented Flames
    • Augmented Frost
    • Augmented Shock
    Enchanting tree
    • Enchanter
    • Insightful Enchanter
    • Corpus Enchanter
    • Fire Enchanter
    • Frost Enchanter
    • Storm Enchanter
    • Extra Effect
    Heavy Armor tree
    • Juggernaut
    Light Armor tree
    • Agile Defender
    One-handed tree
    • Armsman
    Sneak tree
    • Stealth
    Two-handed tree
    • Barbarian