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This mod adds a new heavy armor to Skyrim. It supports both genders of the playable vanilla races and can be tempered. It also has a small (but possibly lengthy) quest to create the armor. You can find two books in the upstairs bedroom in the Drunken Huntsmen in Whiterun that will start the quest. The books are under the bed and must be stolen. The different parts of the armor can be crafted in the hide section once you reach that part of the quest.

Known Problems:

-Some mods that replace the male skeletons will cause the armor to clip around the waist on male characters. The armor fairs better with female skeleton replacers, but some can still cause odd deformation on female characters.

-With the exception of Dimon99's UNP body the armor was created using vanilla assets. Most parts of the armor still use vanilla textures, and as such the armor will use whatever texture replacers are installed for the meshes I took pieces from. If the texture replacers were designed for the vanilla meshes there shouldn't be a problem, but they will make the armor look different than it does in the screenshots (it might look better).

-The Khajiit and Argonian versions of the armor don't have a skull mask.

Tools Used:

-Blender 2.49b
-Creation Kit
-GIMP 2.8


-Bethesda for the vanilla meshes and textures I used to make the armor.
-Dimon99 for UNP.