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ALL-NEW 4K & alternate 2K HD textures for the Smelter! I spent so much time in-game looking at this ugly thing, I wanted to give it an HD makeover. 100% true to vanilla texture.

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This just showed up in the Hot Files 6/19! Thanks for the support!

SkySight | Detailed Objects > Ultra HD Smelter (4k/2k) by fadingsignal
"SkySight" & "SkyGazer" are my series of 100% brand-new, vanilla-true HD re-textures. I am a bit obsessive about retaining as accurate to vanilla detail as possible. Stay tuned, many more objects in the works!

What a weird thing to re-texture, right? Well, it always drove me nuts. If you've spent any time smithing and making ingots (a lot) you've seen how awful the smelter looks, so I decided to just tackle it myself. While I was at it, I re-textured the molten metal as inside the bucket, too.

In my usual style, I made completely new textures by hand, and tried to stay 100% true to vanilla, to the point where a lot of the same scratches, highlight edges, cracks, and other not-usually-noticeable-except-by-crazy-people-with-OCD details were painted back into place. From a distance you may not even realize that the texture has changed until you get close, then it's extremely obvious. LOOK CLOSER! LOOK AT IT! Whoa careful, not that close, don't want to burn your face!

It's a very large object, so a 4K texture was required to bring it up to visual standards. It's no wonder the vanilla version is so ugly at 1024. This makes the texture quite large (10mb) but my justification is that there is usually only one smelter rendered in a given area, so it should not impact memory much (as opposed to something like NPC/armor/weapons.)

Ultra HD is 4K diffuse, with 2K normal+specular (10mb)
HD is 2K diffuse, with 1K normal+specular (2.7mb) (much smaller in file size, better than vanilla but not nearly as clean looking.)

This is just a texture replacer, so simply drop it into the appropriate path in your /data/ folder, or activate it in NMM.

Not compatible with anything else that directly replaces the smelter texture. A few folks asked about compatibility with the new SMIM smelter, but that uses a new mesh, with a different design and UV map, so this won't work with it, unfortunately.

Check out my profile files for my other mods!

v1.1 -- Fixed the 2K normal map filename, thanks to Novem99 for pointing it out!
v1.0 -- Released

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