Spooky Edits - Darker Vampire Armor by SpookyMunky
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Added: 12/06/2014 - 07:30PM
Updated: 18/04/2016 - 12:22AM

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Last updated at 0:22, 18 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 19:30, 12 Jun 2014

Description : This is another clothing set I quite liked the design of but found the vanilla textures way too bright. I darkened most of the variants quite severely, apart from the brightest. I kinda liked how it looked for some reason so tried to keep it brighter.

Installation : Since this is only a texture replacing mod you can just extract to your data folder / install using a mod manager as normal.

1st Person Female Fix : There is a bug in skyrim where alternate texture sets don't show up in the first person view for female characters, but I came across a solution while splitting out my Darker Dark Brotherhood mod into separate textures for worn and ancient armors. This vampire set was the first to spring to my mind as needing a fix since it has always bugged me :).... Update : I changed my mind about doing these fixes on a mod per mod basis after I realised I would be pretty much covering every texture set that needs fixed anyways hehe, so this is now part of my new First Person Female Alternate Textures Fix mod :)

Lossless Versions : These 24bit versions give a nicer depth to the textures and are free from any artifacts, but are much more memory intensive so if you are already low on V-RAM then avoid :). If anyone feels like editing my textures to their tastes (or mixing in the vanilla texture if you think I have gone OTT hehe) then these are also a lot nicer starting point.

Optional hellhound texture : I didn't feel this was worth a separate mod release , is a simple edit to make the vampire dogs look a bit more scary :)

Screenshots : I always use the lossless versions of my textures alongside an edited RealVision Nova ENB with Enhanced Lights And FX