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Added: 11/06/2014 - 05:41PM
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Last updated at 12:06, 12 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 17:41, 11 Jun 2014

Somehow I was a little annoyed by Lydia. She is a good companion, but her outfitting never really suited my own character. So I decided to make this little tweak for myself and thought: why don't I just share it with anyone who also thinks Lydia should have been lightly armored. So here it is, my first ever mod, I hope you enjoy. If not, leave this page now.

Details: It changes Lydia's appearance so she has a ponytail haircut, a few facial tweaks and a leather outfit. Also, she now has an Imperial Bow instead of a Hunting Bow and a starting amount of Steel Arrows. Her class has been changed to CombatAssassin, which makes her better with light armor, one-handed and archery skills. And as a little extra, I uncheched the box that said "opposite gender anims", so now she SHOULD have a more feminine pose.

NEW: There is now a version that leaves her old appearance intact, by request of Aerodamus, it does reduce her weight a little so the pauldron-free armor doesn't glitch.

Requirements: None unless you want her to have the pauldron-free Leather Armor. If you want her to have the pauldron-free version, look here:

Bugs: The Grey Face Bug is likely to occur when activating this mod after first encountering the Housecarl. So either use this on a save file in which you haven't encountered the affected NPC, or hope a more experienced modder comes up with a solution.

Installation: Standard procedure: download and drop the files in the Data folder. Don't use both eps's at the same time, because the one lowest in the load order will take superiority.

Load order: as far down as possible, especially if you have mods running that alter Lydia.

P.S., for some reason I can't take screenshots in-game, so please feel free to upload your screenshots with this mod :)

Permissions: If you want to have the file changed, just send me a message and what you want changed, and I'll probably give permission or do it myself.