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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What this mod does~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
If you´re looking for things that make sense,you should leave and never come back.
I also just put it on Nexus due to popular demand,so there´s a slight chance this mod will receive updates later than the Workshop one.

This mod includes a lot of things that aren´t included in vanilla Skyrim,which is the point of mods:
- A knife in that kitchen where you cook the soup for the emperor in Solitude
-A crafting recipe for baskets(for all your thieve-ish needs)

Update (I´m gonna call it) 1.1:
-added 50% more content
-A fork that hurts people on the inside
-I´m going to place it somewhere later.For now,type "help fork 4" in the console
-A changelog

Update 1.2 (of awesomeness):
-I actually did work on more content during vacation,because I like dis
-Meat from dead chicken actually now actually is useful! If you don´t get killed gathering chicken,you can now cook
Chicken Overload Stew. It will make you fart out a magic teleportation chicken, which you will teleport back to when
doing things other than walking
-I also added craftable giant dwarven "arrows" that do kind of a lot of damage and explode on impact.
-And giants now drop their club as weapon

Update 1.3 (of idealessness)
-Oh my gourd,I got double the subscribers over last night than I had before,thanks
-I added the "Fork of Harassment" to a table at Peryite´s shrine (I felt like he´s a ♥♥♥♥,too)
-Steam is censoring words like ♥♥♥♥ and ♥♥♥♥

Update 1.4 (of "nope,that´s too next level")
-I added a bucket that will turn you invisible if you put it on your head,it´s in the four-shields-tavern in dragonbridge.
-Sadly it has the same restrictions a normal invisibility and since I´m not familiar with scripting,I can´t do anything about it
-And since I´m not familiar with making armor from non-armor meshes either,the bucket will make your head invisible
-Also, I added a potato-related spell,the spelltome is on a haybale next to the potato farm infront of Markarth.

Update 1.5 (of your suggestions):
-Some of your suggestions(like doomster202retsmood´s "It needs an staff which lets you fly") occur impossible for
me to do until I maybe get a bit more into scripting(or unlock that perk,I guess)
-But the ones I did work on today are:
-Sakaki:"You should make a daedric sword... that does 1 damage."
It´s craftable like a normal daedric sword,but doesn´t require a daedra heart
-starfire_403:"How about a wooden plate that improves magic resistance? Or maybe even tongs that improve alchemy! "
-The magic wooden plate is located in the longhouse of the jarl of Winterhold.(because Winterhold and magic)
-The alchemy tongs are at the Falkreath blacksmith.(because there are trees around)
-Both use the same unused armor slot,so although not being visible,you don´t need to choose between one of them
or actual armor.
-Weinachtsheld:"something that summons Nazeem or turns people into Him."
-You need to pickpocket the spell tome from him
-I only got this far today but about your suggestion #2: I think I already have an idea for that,but I don´t know if
Skyrim allows that.
-About #3:could take a bit of time,but I already made potatoes,so that´s not impossible
-Und WeiHnachten schreibt man mit h, du Held!

Update 1.6 (of intensifying randomness)
-How do you guys get these ideas?
-First,this oddly-named dagger you can find at the bed of the conjuration master of the winterhold college,that
spawns rabbits when you hit someone with it
-Then a basket that fortifies your lifting powers
-Even craftable and shootable cabbage ammunition + RPMs (Rocket powered mudcrabs)
-Christ,even a mudcrab overlord boss near "Camp Broken Limb"
-The bludgeonspoon theoretically exists,too,but for now, you will have to cheat it in,because I seriously need to get
into NIFSkope to make it look like something that doesn´t hover under your feet

Update 1.7(of a thing you should try and a thing you shouldn´t try)
-added a test chamber with everything in it that works
-There´s a trapdoor on one of the islands in the lake around the guardian stones,you can´t miss it once you see the
red lights around it.
-I also add3d a rinG cAlled "Logic",d0n´t trY g1ving it to your§elf,logic isn´t compatible with this mod

Update 1.8 (of accidentally-but-was-going-to-happen-anyway-iness)
-So,whoever had this idea to place a cabbage farm inside of Dragonsreach,good idea,it looks fabulous!
-And if you´re there,consider visiting the mage to "borrow" the 2 staffs that chill out on a wall there.
-I´m working on a sequel to this mod(it will be stand-alone,but won´t have the testing chamber(which won´t have the new items))

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~But wait,there´s more~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I will constantly try to think of new content and furthermore,I will even try to add that content

Comment your own suggestions,I really do look at it every day
Or twice a day...
Or every hour...

Make sure you look at the Workshop version of this,too because I will comment status updates and
possible announcements there.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Compatibility issues~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Uhm,I don´t think there are any...
(since I´m only working with duplicates)
And if you find one,tell me