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Light Armor for for male and female characters.

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  • Turkish
  • French

This plugin adds a light armor to the game.
Includes armor, boots, gloves, hood.
With advanced armors perk, it can be crafted in the leather section of the forge menu.
It combines lightweight leather with chainmail and some rivets.
Therfor you need in addition to leather some other, more preciously items
and a special ingredient which reinforced the leather in a miraculous way.
So, the full set provides an armor rating between the scaled and the glass armor.
As long as you haven't gained advanced armors perk, you can buy the armor from Balimund in

Diese Mod fügt eine leichte Rüstung ins Spiel ein.
Enthalten sind: Rüstung, Stiefel, Handschuhe und Kapuze.
Man benötigt den Perk "Verstärkte Rüstungen", um die Rüstungsteile in der Rubrik "Leder" schmieden zu können.
Das Set kombiniert leichtgewichtiges Leder mit Ketten und Nieten.
Demnach werden zusätzlich zu Leder einige andere, kostbare Gegenstände benötigt
und eine besondere Zutat, die das Leder auf wundersame Weise verstärkt.
Also, das ganze Set bietet einen Rüstungswert zwischen der verstärkten und der Vulkanglasrüstung.
Solange der Perk "Verstärkte Rüstungen" nicht erworben wurde, kann die Rüstung auch bei Balimund in Riften gekauft werden.

Armor Rating

-Gloves 10
-Hood 10

Complete 68

Support both genders.
Support weight-slider.
Support beast races.

ID's for console command 'Player.AddItem'
X = load order position

Armor: X0012C8
Boots: X0012C9
Gloves: X0012CB

German translation by Elandra
Deutsche Übersetzung von Elandra

Known issues:
Clipping issues, which occur while wearing daggers. To resolve it, you can download the optional "Rough Leather Armor AWP" esp file.

To prevent incompatibilities with mods like SkyRe or Requiem, you may
download the optional "Rough Leather Armor NP" or "Rough Leather Armor NP_AWP" esp. files.
In the file list you also can find a SkyRe patch, made by Taiolu.

This plugin was created with Blender, Gimp, the Creation Kit
and cleaned with TES5Edit.

If you want to use contents of the plugin for projects that will be published,
please inform me beforehand. Likewise if you just want upload this plugin.

You can contact me at skyrim nexus

I want to thank Bethesda and the Nexus Network
hodilton, Gruntlock, Moose Helm, Brodual,
Legorox and izon87604 for videos
FrankBlack for images
Taiolu, who has made the Rough Leather Armor SkyRe Patch,
Elandra for making the german translation
and on this occasion, the developers of Blender and Gimp.