Bandages - a Battle Fatigue and Injuries patch by Excinerus
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Added: 06/06/2014 - 01:47AM
Updated: 03/04/2015 - 07:20AM

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Last updated at 7:20, 3 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 1:47, 6 Jun 2014

This mod adds balanced Bandage Crafting recipes for Battle fatigue and injuries by kuertee

It is recommended to be used with Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival by Chesko

If you DONT have Frostfall But have HunterBorn by unuroboros . there's a version substituting the survival menu with Scrimshaw don't use it if you have frostfall.

Update 1.5
-Added models for salves and bandages.
-Made a Hunterborn Option


I kind of found it hard to get bandages playing with Battle fatigue and injuries, and i actually still haven't bothered to figure out how to craft the paper and potion 25% bandages kuertee had included in his mod.

Anyway i created this mod with one idea in mind:
-making survival in the wilderness a viable option, especially when playing with Frostfall or other mods that provide means of camping ...


The original Battle fatigue and Injuries ESP would remain as is, my patch only changes the names and weight/gold values of bandages. their effects remain the same.

The 25% bandages will be called Antiseptic bandages.
The full effect ones will be called Healing bandages.

Bandages will be created from linen rolls, they will need boiling in a cooking pot, then salves need to be added to them; Antiseptic salves would make antiseptic Bandages, if healing salves are added to the latter these will become healing bandages.

How to:

Depending on which version you installed, the salves and bandages would either be in the tanning rack and cooking pot for the simple non frostfall ESP, or with the help of the survival menu for Frostfall players.

The following Flowchart would hopefully explain this :

Different recipes are made available for salves :
If playing the simple version, crafting the salves would be using the cooking pot.
If you are using Frostfall, then, depending on the ingredient, there will be Survival Crafting Menu options, the yield would be lower than using cooking apparel, it would also depend on wheter you have a mortar and pestle.
1.1 update: you can now create a mortar and pestle in the Survival menu, granted you have 1 piece of firewood and equipped any dagger

Recipes so far are shown in this table:

Installing :

-Install Battle fatigue and injuries by kuertee and Endorse his mod
-Download one of the 3 ESPs, place it in data or use NMM or MO  and activate it
-Load after kuerteeBattlefatigueandinjuries.esp and after Chesko_Frostfall.esp/Hunterborn.esp

Uninstalling :

Use NMM or MO
or Disable ESP, and remove the files manually.
if you are using "cooking takes time" make sure none of the recipes is currently being cooked.

I welcome any suggestions and feedback, though you can always load the esp on tes5edit and tweak it as you like :)

Hail Snakey
kuertee - Battle fatigue and injuries.
Chesko - Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival (mortar and pestle models/furniture)
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