About this mod

This is a hideout I made thinking of pirate characters. I made it for me but decided to share it with other players here.

Permissions and credits
Hello, after so much time after first making this mod and releasing it finally an update is here, and oh boy did it take time, didn't it guys? Anyway let's go to what matters. Get ready for a long description.

This mod with a pirate-ish theme, adds a player home, 13 followers (1 of them is an animal), new weapons and some other items.

The hideout is located Northeast of Dawnstar.

- Latest version of Skyrim.

The hideout can be accessed by two different entrances. The main entrance is through a secret cabinet inside the house on top of the cliff that has the purpose of hiding the true hideout from curious eyes. The other entrance is at the bottom of the cliff through a door on the pier (the door is supposed to lead through a long corridor leading to the hideout door, but it would be a waste of time to go through that corridor every time so I just connected the two loading doors directly).


Player Home:
Inside the house you will find a training area, mannequins, weapon racks, a large dinning area, the Captain's room/Main room, the Crew's room/Follower's room, a smithing area, and 13 NPC's that represent the crew and can be followers. Each of the followers has different skills and "personalities". I wanted to add variety and uniqueness so they wouldn't just be copies of each other.

Iron Scimitar
Steel Scimitar
Silver Scimitar
Ebony Scimitar
Iron Saber
Steel Saber
Pirate Scimitar
Pirate Cutlass
Wooden Staff
Torch Arrows
They are all craftable under the corresponding category with the corresponding perks. The difference between the Scimitars and Sabers, regarding stats, is that Sabers are faster while Scimitars have higher base damage.

The mod also adds a unique ring that allows the wearer to swim under water without time limit.
A armored version of the Alik'r clothing and another of the black and red Redguard clothing that can be improved on the workbench, (they can be found inside one of the wardrobes in the main room), the armor and boots have the same stats as the leather armor, except for the hood that is slightly weaker.


All of them have the Lightfoot perk, some of the spell casters have the Quiet Casting perk while others don't.
Their weapons and armor are non-obtainable by conventional means.

Race - Breton
Outfit - Uniquely enchanted black Thieves Guild Armor (no hood)
Weapon - Ebony Scimitar (Banish Daedra enchantment)
Spells - Conjure Familiar, Conjure Flamming Familiar
Perks - Sneak, One Handed, Conjuration, Light Armor

Race - Breton
Outfit - Unique light armor version of the Ancient Nord Armor also enchanted (c'mon looks more like light than heavy) (no helmet)
Weapon - Silver Scimitar (Turn Undead enchantment)
Spells - Sparks, Chain Lightning, Lightning Cloak
Perks - Sneak, One Handed, Destruction (Shock tree), Light Armor

Race - Redguard
Outfit - Light armored version of the black/red redguards clothes and enchanted (wear hood when recruited)
Weapon - 2 vanilla scimitars (Drain health on one and drain stamina on the other)
Spells - None
Perks - Sneak, One Handed, Light Armor

Fletcher merchant
Race - Nord
Outfit - Enchanted leather armor (no helmet)
Weapon - Scoped version of the Hunting Bow plus Torch Arrows. The bow has the Mehrunes' Razor enchantment, because he is a great marksman ;) 
Spells - Healing, Close Wounds, Fast Healing, Grand Healing
Perks - Sneak, Archery, Light Armor, Restoration
Brahun also has a pet fox called Mimi, she will follow him always and help in battle.

Race - Nord
Outfit - Enchanted Steel Plate Armor (no helmet)
Weapon - Skyforge Steel Greatsword (Ghostblade enchantment)
Spells - None
Perks - Sneak, Two-Handed, Heavy Armor

Race - Khajiit
Outfit - Arm bandages (heavy armor because of the unarmed perk plus unarmed enchantment), Thieves Guild Boots and Fur Armor (both also enchanted)
Weapons - None (he fights unarmed)
Spells - Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh, Dragonhide
Perks - Sneak, Alteration, Light Armor, Heavy Armor

Potion merchant
Gauthiel (previously Gunthyr) is now a REAL HEALER.
Race - Breton
Outfit - Enchanted Hooded Monk Robes
Weapons - Wooden Staff (Drain Magicka enchantment)
Spells - Too many to say all, but basicly special versions of the restoration spells that allow him to heal the player and sometimes ally NPC's, plus some alteration spells.
Perks - Sneak, Restoration, Alteration, Two Handed

Race - Imperial (Vampire)
Outfit - Master Robes of Conjuration (she will equip a black hood when recruited)
Weapons - None
Spells - Drain Life (strongest version), Command Daedra, Conjure Dremora Lord, Dead Thrall, Dread Zombie, Summon Unbound Dremora, Summon Arniel's Shade, Reanimate Corpse (plus some restoration spells and some other spells I am not sure she will use, give some feedback if you see her using spells not listed here)
Perks - Sneak, Conjuration, Destruction (because of Drain Life), Restoration

Blacksmith merchant
Race - Orc
Outfit - Enchanted Dragonscale armor (no helmet)
Weapons - Unenchanted Steel Saber plus a weapon version of the blacksmith hammer with fire damage enchantment
Spells - None
Perks - Sneak, Light Armor, One Handed (sword and mace tree)  

Race - Nord
Outfit - Enchanted Hide Armor plus light armor version of the farm gloves
Weapons - Blade of Sacrifice (Keening Enchantment) and Pirate Cutlass (Paralysis Enchantment)
Spells - None
Perks - Sneak, Light Armor, One Handed

Race - Dark Elf
Outfit - Enchanted Mythic Dawn Robes without hood (changes to hooded version when recruited)
Weapon - Daedric Dagger (Soul Trap Enchantment)
Spells - Same as Dar'Al plus Paralyze, Mass Paralysis, Flames, Incinerate, Flame Cloak, Wall of Flames, Fire Storm, Fire Rune, Fire Bolt, Fire Ball
Perks - Sneak, Alteration, Destruction

Poison merchant
Race - Argonian
Outfit - Enchanted white version of the Thieves Guild Armor (wears the hood when recruited)
Weapon - 2 unenchanted Skyforge Steel Daggers plus an unenchanted Orcish Bow and arrows (he should use poison on his weapons)
Spells - None
Perks - Sneak, One Handed, Archery, Light Armor

Toothy Joe:
Toothy Joe is an animal companion of the Horker race. He is a bit slow and clumbsy, had to increase his speed because regular horkers are very slow and also decreased his size so he could fit into doors.
He might bug sometimes and not be properly dismissed, you will have to dimiss him twice sometimes. I still have to work on him better.

Issues, bugs:
The mod will much probably conflict with any other mod that changes the area where the house and the pier are located.
Other than that I don't know of any other problem, if you find anything feel free to say it in the comments or send a private message, if you also think that some improvements could be made to the hideout feel free to express your opinion.

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The last mod I am going to suggest is still not complete but I have high expectations for it, it is called Pirates Cove, you can follow the progress here -

I thank to InsanitySorrow for allowing me to use the meshes and textures from his Unique Uniques mod.
Joolander, 747823 and OutLaw666 for allowing the use of assets from their mods, Torch Arrow, Weapons of the Third Era and Scoped Bows.
A big thank you to elliotcroft for creating the Magoza mod as a resource for people who want to make healer followers.

I hope you enjoy my mod, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to send me a message or to comment. Happy gaming.