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version 1.2

"I must also warn you that outside these walls is a fearsome creature that has slaughtered any who fight it. It appears when you rest. Do not fight it, you are not ready. Run."
-Eustacia the Healer

This mod adds the monster called Gehenoth from the mobile game "TES Travels: Dawnstar" to Skyrim.
However this is meant to be more of a modders resource than an actual mod. If you activate the Gehenoth.esp you can encounter the Gehenoth in the following locations:
- Gloomreach
- Sightless Pit
- Kagrenzel
- War Quarters, Blackreach
- Frostflow Abyss
- Duskglow Crevice
- Yngvild
- Bleakcoast Cave
- Sea Cave, Japhets Folly

Changelog 1.1
- Improved the normal maps
- set the texture color closer to the original
- added some more topology to the horns
Changelog 1.2
- Textures and normal maps redone
- added ingredient Gehenoth Eye
- added 3 more locations
- added a random loadscreen for the Gehenoth

The Gehenoth is a level 30 enemy and rather formidable one if you have a low level character, easy if you're above 30. If you defeat the Gehenoth you can gather it's claws to use as an alchemical ingredient. It's kept as beast of war by the Falmer who used it to assault Dawnstar back in the 3rd Era.
Cleaned with TES5edit (not that there was any cleaning). Load order is somewhat irrelevant since it doesn├Ąt touch any vanilla settings.

The gehenoth is now avaible as a mount/follower.
This mod was originally made as a part of the Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea project. So thanks to all the folks at Dark Creations!