Bleach Tensa-Zangetsu by Oleg Lavrentiev
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Added: 04/06/2014 - 11:49PM
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Last updated at 0:24, 5 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 23:49, 4 Jun 2014

This is a mod including Ichigo's Tensa-Zangetsu from bleach as provided by BattleyaxStudios edited by me to be usable with D.S.R. (Dual Sheaths Redux) as well as upgradable with the grindstone at the cost of a black soul gem. Zangetsu looks just like the first Banki model from BattleyaxStudios’s bleach Zangetsu ALL forms. now including additional file for two handed which is a little slower so as to not break animations, completely compatible with one handed so overwriting is no problem. yes, the sword is OP. reflects its reputation

All you need is Skyrim

If you find bugs or conflicts, please post a comment and description so I can look into it.

Install with NMM or unzip file into Skyrim data folder
To uninstall delete the included esp. the textures and models

for an upgradable shiki i sugjest it is good looking and balanced against the ebony sword