Mage Armor - Cleric Chainmail Robes by ghostrecon123
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Added: 04/06/2014 - 06:49AM
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Mage Armor - Cleric Chainmail Robes

- Light Armor for Mages
- Adds 8 Cleric Inspired Mailed Robes
- Can be Crafted under "Scaled Armors" in the Forge
- Crafted and Upgraded with "Advanced Armors" Perk
- Forging Materials are "Steel ingots", "Leather" and "Leather Strips"
- Stats are similar to Scaled Armor
- Optional Vigilant Replacer (replaces the collage robes worn by Vigilants of Stendarr with Cleric Chainmail Robes) NOTE: This replacer does not replace the actual collage robes with Cleric Robes but what this does is it makes new Outfit Lists and modifies the Template NPCs of Vigilants to use the new Outfit Lists, meaning you can still find the collage robes unchanged but any mod that also edits the same Vigilant Template NPC may conflict with this mod but you can just make patches or merge stuff for that.

some rambling ahead = I Recently made a new character, decided i was going to play as a Cleric specializing in one-handed (mainly Maces) and restoration magic, wearing similar armor as the vigilants but the collage robes they wear provide no protection so i needed to either get some alteration perks to get buffs while wearing clothes (but they're not as good as real armor in my opinion) or to make armored robes, which is why i made this, was also never really a fan of over the top, super fancy, too bulky or skimpy armor, so i made this mod to be more simple and to fit in more with other default armors.
(i know there's a similar mod like this but it does not have the colors i want like white and novice robes colors so i made this)