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Added: 04/06/2014 - 06:43AM
Updated: 26/05/2017 - 02:04AM

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Last updated at 2:04, 26 May 2017 Uploaded at 6:43, 4 Jun 2014

This mod adds means to obtain or create many new ingredients and acts as a successor to my old ingredient mods.

Additional cooking pot recipes allow for the creation of extracts from many vegetables.
Additional smelter recipes allow for the grinding of some substances into powders.
Members of the ten playable races killed by the player now have the possibility to drop body parts.
Many animals killed by the player now have the possibility to drop body parts.

Note: You must make the kill for these additional drops to appear. This was an unfortunate side effect of making this mod as compatible with other mods as possible.

Images labeled as spoilers show the effects of each ingredient.

What's in it?

Included in each version, you will find an effects esm and an ingredients esp.
The effects esm contains all the effects that I've added to the game.
The ingredients esp has everything else.

There are four versions available.
These version vary between weighted ingredients vs weightless ingredients and
Dragonborn content vs no Dragonborn content.

The Dragonborn versions require that you have the Dragonborn DLC and include some extra ingredients as well as making ash spawn and the new dragon priests vulnerable to the supernatural damage effect.

19 Animal drops (+3 DB)
25 Recipes (+1 DB)
40 Playable race drops

1 Super secret ingredient!

...that I most definitely did not forget to include in the spoilers. (Yes I did.)

****************************************************New Effects!****************************************************

Recover: Health, Stamina, Magicka
Base: 3 units per second for 4 seconds(normal), 3 units per second for 5 seconds(strong)
Power Affects Duration

These restore the relevant attribute over time.


Racial Damage (Not Dragon)
Base: 4(weak), 6(strong)

These deal damage only to the specified race.
*I'll probably increase these when I update.


Dragon Damage
Base: 8(weak), 12(strong)

Deals heavy poison damage to dragons.


*For reference: Most damage health ingredients have a base of 2, except: Jarrin root(200), Crimson Nirnroot(6), River Betty(5), Deathbell(3), Poison Bloom(3), and Emperor Parasol Moss(3).


Alchemic Shield
Base: +10 Armor Rating for 60 seconds
Power Affects Magnitude

This boosts physical defense for 60 seconds.


Alchemic (Fire, Frost, Shock)
Base: 2

These deal elemental(Not poison!) damage.


Fortify Alchemy
Base: 10% alchemy boost for 20 seconds
Power affects duration

Improves Alchemy by 10% for a period of time.

Bugs and mistakes:

All of my tests show supernatural damage/slow completely not working prior to version 1.2.

I have incorrectly labeled the Boar Heart as having a healing base of 12; it should be 10.

*************************************************Important Update Information************************************************

Due to changes in file structure, updating from 1 to 1.1 using the new combined file structure will eliminate all of your currently collected ingredients from this mod. Only new users should use this version.

I've made a 1.1 update for those who have already installed 1.0 and don't wish to lose all of their ingredients.

***********************************************************Update Log************************************************************

1.2 - Fixed the issue with supernatural damage. I had to do it in a ham-fisted way. This could cause issues with mods that change the base alchemy effects or the stock immunities. It also means that mods which add undead characters that don't use the stock poison resistance abilities may be immune to my supernatural poisons.

Added mass crafting recipes that are more efficient
The recipes for powdered dragon bones, scale, and heart scales now scale with your alchemy level (up to 180)
Changed the weights of powdered metals to make expanded yields from mass crafting reasonable

I only added updated versions that include Dragonborn because the game has been out for 6 years and the DLC's are practically part of the base game at this point. If you want a version that does not require Dragonborn, leave a comment and I'll do it.