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Giant eyes and pyramids that float over your head. Pyramids rotate, and are refracting with glowing runes. There is also a flaming skull (just because =P)

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** Version 1.2
What's new for Version 1.2?  Magic Eyes!  Because everyone wants to have a giant eye hovering over their heads. =P  This was another "abandoned update" I 
started ages ago.  The main reason I gave up on it, was the bump map for the veins I had originally created wasn't working--basically when I enabled that the seams for the UVW map reared their ugly head (never was good with UVW maps--which is why I typically stuck with procedurals on non-flat surfaces).  Thus, no vein bump map.

What you will get: Eye of Magic (fortify magicka), Cat Eye of Magic (fortify magicka), and Skull of Magic (fortify destruction magic). The skull is obviously not an eye, but it was something I was experimenting with and decided to throw it in.  Not sure if I put a havok on it, so I don't recommend dropping it on the ground. Also, I flagged all items to be wearable by Argonian and Khajiit, so hopefully anyone who was trying to use it (with one of those races) now can.  Hopefully . . .


Version 1.1.

Per multiple requests, the rotating roman numerals have been removed from the enchanted versions. The clock remains for the armored version--just so folks have a choice. ;)


Magic Pyramid - Version 1.

What is it? I was messing around with animation and had some idea about a refracting pyramid with runes rotating over a mage's head, and . . . You can see the results.

There are 6 magic variations:

Pyramid of Magic (fortify magicka)
Pyramid of Magicka (fortify magicka rate)
Pyramid of Conjury (fortify conjuration)
Pyramid of Destruction (fortify destruction)
Pyramid of Restoration (fortify restoration)
Pyramid of Healing (fortify healing rate)

Also included is an "armored" version that isn't enchanted, and also has a less "lively" glow effect.

All can be crafted at the forge (not quite so easy/cheap contructions materials as some of my other mods), and take the circlet slot.

Credit for the awesome runes brushes (used for the rune circles) goes to OBSIDIAN DAWN @ I highly recommend checking out some of the other brushes available there. A nice, high quality, collection.