The Corwells Retreat by Splitbolt
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Added: 04/06/2014 - 01:53AM
Updated: 10/07/2014 - 07:10PM

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Last updated at 19:10, 10 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 1:53, 4 Jun 2014

Thanks for reading and / or downloading. If you like this mod, remember to click on "Endorse" ! :]

Creator : Splitbolt
(I'm not english, so excuse me if I make some faults)

It's my first mod, I hope you'll enjoy it !
This mod adds a little home just under the Northwind Mine for your character. You don't need a key or finish a quest to visite this place. I've created it for my character but I decided to realise it for friends or other players.
Feel free to tell me about any bugs you see, few updates will arrive later to fix eventual issues.

All the storage (even the custom) didn't respawn, it safe don't worry !

Changelog v1.0.3
The update contains a new .BSA and .ESP files, make you sure to replace the files for installing.
-Fix ownership values (Cells, Bed, Horse)
-A new original bed
-New container : Jewelries and Ring (In the bed room, on the map table)
-New Stable and Player Horse
-Fix somes exterior navmesh

/! I highly recommend you to use ENB mod for this, otherwise the house will seem very dark.
-Skyrim last update

You can download it with Nexus Manadger. Or for manual installation, put the .esp and .bsa files in your Data folder. (common/skyrim/data)
To uninstal, just delete the files or remove it with Nexus Manadger.

- You can't pick up anything in this mod, it's normal, all the items are statics and this will never change.
- The armors are of differents genders and styles, like light armors or heavy armors and same for the weapons.
- The house had been thinking for all players, warrior, thief, mage etc...

- A lot of customs storages and chests for your character.
- A custom enchanting and alchemy lab'.
- 3 custom bookshelfs.
- A little kitchen just before the basements door.
- A secret armors dressing : You'll found inside, 2 mannequins, and 10 different customs storages.
- An access to the roof by a trap in the bedroom.
- A statue of Talos and his autel.
- A basement with all the smithings workbench and 2 customs chests (Ingots and Leather/hide/elk)
- A bed room with a two places bed, a desk, a treasure chest, a bookshelf etc...

Thanks to :
Insanity resources mod (Charts, Paintings and Rugs)
AARS resources mod (Openbooks)
TESA for resources kit
Dragten Bandolier - Bags and Pouches Mod (gnd models)
Nikinoodles - Cloak of Skyrim Mod (gnd models)
(I'm sorry for the other modders who I've send a message but I prefer removed your models for the moment. Thanks for give an quick answer :))

- TESA for resources
- Elianora for help
- Bethesda for give us the Creation Kit :)