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HDT Physics Enabled Dreadlock-like Tentacle hair for Argonian, inspired by Dragonborne from DnD

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I heavily, heavily recommend Improved Closed Face Helmets if you want to see the tentacles through the helmets. Well, that and your pretty face too.

I'M BACK (sorta)

I've come to fix all the problems (well except some physics related ones) the mod had:

The hair didn't show through helmets and hats! (     You were bald when you put on a helmet! Ack!    )

The females didn't get any special treatment! (    There were no special textures for you :c    )


I've fixed these issues and optimized the model a bit (no more full skeleton sitting in the .nif not being used...)

And that there may be more to come! I hope that we will be able to easily make FO4 related content in the future as well. And maybe something else for DredTents.

Please, tell me if I messed up like the last time, because I promise I didn't!

Original OP:

I've noticed that most HDT enabled models in Skyrim are for women and are clothing and other perverse things.

So I created this for Argonians. Inspired by Dragonborne from Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and 4e, this mod gives Argonians the choice of Dread Tentacles.

I made the model and texture (was my first ones too :D).

README: Installing should just be extracting to the Data folder OR using NMM or Mod Organizer to install it.


Jiggly hair bones, may be caused by HDT plugin (worked fine in the Havok Content Tools preview build) (If someone can, please help me out on this bug!)

The rest of the credits are in the PERMS button near the images. After all, that's what it's for.