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This simply increases the damage of werewolves and removes their damage health regen buff. It also increases the vampiric drain strength of both the Vampire Lord and normal player vampires. The mod has an all in one option, an optional .esp for those who would like just werewolf, or just vampire changes.

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Requires Dawnguard

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This mod makes the following changes as overwrites;

The Werewolf claw unarmed damage buff has been doubled, and it's damage health regen buff was removed. As you progress the unarmed buff will progress 10>30>50>60>70>80>100>120. This should increase the viability of Werewolves in skyrim's endgame, particularly on higher difficulty settings.

Vampire's Seduction is a Lesser Power, and effects NPCs up to level 50 as a novice(Up from level 8), and when you get the Master Illusion perk it will effect NPCs up to level 100(Up from 16). This should make you feel more like a vampiric master.

The Vampire lord life drain was also doubled. It will progress 30>35>40>45>50; also increasing the viability of Vampire Lord form.

The final change was to the vampiric drain spell the player has in as a vampire, when not in lord form. It was the weakest, most useless spell in skyrim. So I multiplied it's damage by 5 and added 5 to the last tier; it will now progress 10>15>20>30

Use a mod manager, in the usual fashion.

Creatures of the Night Revised WW.esp is for just werewolves
Creatures of the Night Revised VL.esp is for vampires
Creatures of the Night Revised.esp is all in one

To install manually, pick out a version from the files; extract the archive to your data folder, and activate the .esp in the launcher of mod manager utility.

Will be incompatible with any mods altering the Werewolf Claws spell. the Vampiric Drain spell or the Vampire Lord Drain spell.

Do not use my work without permission, translations are fine without permission; just drop me a PM so I can link your translation here.