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Conjurer's Friend, a lore friendly Spell Mod
By: GrandBulwark

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What it does:
Adds two spells
Manipulate Daedra, Master Level. It commands any daedra or raised/summoned thrall to abandon it's master and join your cause.
Smite Daedra, Master Level. It banishes any summoned or raised thralls back to their own realm.
These spells work on any daedra or raised/summoned thrall up to level 100.

Where can I get them?
They will appear in boss chests for warlocks/necromancers. They will also appear at the college of winterhold after you complete "Conjuration Ritual Spell". The quest giver may give either as a reward, but if not then he will have them for sale.

Done best with you favorite mod manager. download install, activate and launch.

Manual Way: Drop the .esp in Skyrim's Data folder, activate in the launcher or mod manager of your choice.

The assets it this mod are created from skyrim assets. Ask me for permission before using my work in yours; translations are fine just let me know so I can link them. No reuploads to Steam, period.