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Tired of too many armor mods that is cluttering your load order?

Installed "BBP ArmorPack" and afraid of opening Ebony / Glass crafting menu?

Want to make a color variation of an armor you like but no one is making one for you?

Getting tired of only armor retexture variations you see in the Nexus is female skimpy armors?

Want to install more than one color or some armor packs and/or some armors occupy too many crafting menu lines just because of color variations?

This mod is to try to help you ease from those above pains.

Please endorse and promote this mod if you want other modders to make color variations for you.

Please look at the images for detailed usage instructions and examples.

Images Made with this Mod


Q : Can I retext my armors during the game?
A : Actually yes... But you do have to make the retext armor esp before the game and load it. You can rerun the program during the game and run a new texture script to recolor ones that are already loaded in the game. Switch armors back and forth to refresh the color to new one.

Q : I just see some ugly command line window come and disappear when I tried to run this!
A : Your java is not properly installed. Try uninstall and reinstall it again. If it still does that than go to the directory and type "java -jar SkyProcArmor.jar" If you see some window popup then links are not properly configured.

Q : Where the hell is my !@#$ing retext armors?
A : You probably forgot to activate your newly created ESP retext file.

Q : My character turned into a head only monster!
A : Missing NIF (mesh) files to convert. Check whether or not the mod has a BSA file and unpack it using BSA Opt.

Q : My retext armors all have ugly mushy purple color!
A : Missing DDS (texture) files to convert or unrecognizable NIF DDS reference path. ImageMagick may not be working, run "test_imagemagick.bat" to test. Check whether or not the mod has a BSA file and unpack it using BSA Opt.

Q : My retext armors did not change the color!
Nif texture path may not have been recognized by the program. Use NifSkope and fix the texture path and make sure it starts with textures.

Q : Last retext is so ugly can I try it again?
A : Try run the program again and check the armors you want to recolor with different color scheme options, BUT be sure to give some junk "Mod output filename" (like "junk.esp") and check "Do NOT write mesh files / Just generate texture scripts" in "File Output Options" tab.

Q : Can this mod convert alternate texture / templated / enchanted mods?
A : Yes it can. I spent almost five hours to implement alternate texture features - Don't want that Sexy Armored Bikini gone wasted right?

Q : Why ImageMagick? What can it do?
A : Aside from this is one of the fastest and feature rich way to manipulate multiple images. It had a mask and 3D color look up table options that was best for selective part or color editing.

Q : How do I use ImageMagick?
A : You can check full guide here - We are more concerned about colors -, and masks -

Q : Seriously what should I know about ImageMagick?
A : You can change color by HSB shift option : "-modulate, #,#,#" where numbers are Brightness, Saturation, and Hue which ranges from 0 to 200 where 100 is no change. You can replace color by CLUT (Color Lookup Table) where you give a file (some predefined comes with the mod) by "FILENAME -clut". Masks can be applied by "-mask MASKFILENAME". There is also HALD - 3D look up color table if you know how to use it.

Q : So how do I set up the #$%^ing masks?
A : Masks are auto recognized during ImageMagick script generation. In order to make them recognize, you need to put them in same texture directory as the original with identical name (including DDS) preceded by #_mask_. So "Data - textures - armors - elven -" should have "Data - textures - armors - elven -" at minimum. REMEBER, in ImageMagick, white is masked part and black is the changing part. See example in PS CTA Ex - R18PN Shanoa Armor Color Variations

Q : Black and white option gives ugly tint!
A : Tinting (or ImageMagick CLUT) preserves original color. You can try to make it clean color by desaturating by putting "-modulate 100,0" before "clut_COLOR.png - clut"

Q : My colored options didn't do anything!
A : Armors too dark or just no saturation. Try Black/White option instead.

Q : My armor change spells are not working!
A : Due to problem with SKSE's id recognition function, the retextured esp has to be loaded before load order less than 79 for the exchange spell mod to work.

Mandatory Requirements - You must INSTALL these to make this program WORK

- Java : Runs the SkyProc and all Java code that makes this program work

- ImageMagick : Batch image manipulator to automatically generate texture and also allows you to fine tune them in batch

Optional Tools

- BSA Opt : Need to unpack BSA if you are working with armors with files that are packed in BSA


PS ColorThatArmor (PSCTA / PCTA) is about a month long project for me that was intended to solve the problems at the top. This uses SkyProc engine system to sniff through mods to get armors and ImageMagick to automatically generate texture variants in batch.

This mod allows you to automatically create any number (upto 1000) of color variants of any armors you want by automatically making mesh and textures. Texture colors will be generated by ImageMagick script that is automatically generated based on user options.

This mod can also merge selected armors into a single esp file by core copying all dependent records into a single file. You can also recharacterize material types to change where crafting recipes will show up in the crafting menu (too help you ease the clutter). HOWEVER, there is a cost that merged armors are considered as a separate entities and will NOT be recognized by old save files (nevertheless, this is only way to truely merge the armor so that you can turn off the original armor mod from the load order.

Installation and Usage

1) Install mod from NMM
2) Install Java and ImageMagick if needed
3) Go to "Skyrim - Data - SkyProc Patchers - PS CTA" directory
4) Test ImageMagick is working by running "test_imagemagick.bat" and see whether or not Wizard shows up.
5) Run "PS CTA.bat"
6) Look at the Images for detailed usage instruction
7) Be sure to activate created esp file in the load order.

*** READ : Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to unpack BSA at runtime. So if you are working with a mod that is packed in BSA file, you need to unpack them.

Usage Examples

- How to use masks to do fine tune modifications so that those gold ornaments don't turn green : PS CTA Ex - R18PN Shanoa Armor Color Variations

- Don't want spend time unpacking BSA and making Vanilla armor color variations : PS CTA Vanilla Male - Skimpy 7b Female Variations

Under the Hood

Working on it.

Non craft recipe cluttering color swapping

- Getting the colored "PCTA ##" armors
1) Craft it from the smithing menu (If you check the option before when making)
2) Equip armors you want to convert on PC or NPC then, convert it with "PS CTA Change spells" (NEED to check non-default option when running the program)

- Switching colors of PCTA armors (OR convert between PCTA0 and original)
*** Each spell comes with "Forward" and "Reverse" which controls the direction of change
*** ONLY equipped armors that are selected in settings will switch colors
- Player Character : Use "PS CTA Color Change SELF ---" powers

- NPC : Use "PS CTA Color Change TARGET ---" alteration spells

- Setting which armor pieces to change and/or by how much
- Use "PS CTA Color Change Setting" powers for BOTH PC and NPC

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