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Options adjustable via a MCM menu: 1. Lv req. for different types of soul. 2.Never under-fill a soul gem. 3. black soul gems never trap white souls. 4. Soul gems never lose power. 5. Larger souls can fill smaller soul gems. 6. Black souls can fill normal soul gems. 7. Soul trap gives enchanting exp.

Permissions and credits

[size=+1]Soul Trap Redone is a complete rewrite of the vanilla skyrim soul trap function. It adds many options via a MCM menu to let you adjust different aspects of soul trap mechanisms to make your game more convenient, rewarding and immersive.[/size]

Skyrim v1.
SKSE 1.6.16
SkyUI 4.1

[size=+1]Option #1:[/size]
A set of sliders to change the minimum creature level settings for lesser/common/greater/grand souls.
e.g. if sliders are set to 0/0/0/0, all creatures have grand souls.
if sliders are set to 200/200/200/200, all creatures have petty souls.
if sliders are set to 10/20/30/40, creatures from lvl 0-9 have petty souls, 10-19 have lesser souls, etc.

[size=+1]Option #2:[/size]
a)Soul gems can never be under-filled.
e.g. A grand soul gem will fail to trap a lesser soul instead of being partially filled.
b)Black soul gems and the Black Star can only trap black souls.
i.e. they can not trap any white souls.
c)Soul gems never lose power once filed.(except the black star and azura's star)

[size=+1]Option #3:(available only if option #2 is enabled)[/size]
Enables smaller soul gems to be filled by larger souls.
e.g. A lesser soul gem can be filled by a grand soul, getting a lesser soul gem(lesser)
i.e. No more "No Soul Gem Large Enough" bullshit.

[size=+1]Option #4:(available only if option #2 is enabled)[/size]
Allows petty/lesser/common/greater/grand soul gems to trap black souls.
Different level humanoids can have different level black souls.
e.g. A grand soul gem can be filled by high level humanoids who give grand level souls, but not any random low level bandits.
In skyrim most soul gems can only trap non-humanoid creature souls, whereas most enemies you meet are humanoids. It renders soul trap useless most of the time, and this option fixes it.
Also killing humanoids becomes more rewarding, in addition to loot their dead bodies, you can also make use of their very souls.

[size=+1]Option #5: (available only if option #4 is enabled)[/size]
Since all soul gems can now trap black souls, we should also make black soul gems able to trap white souls(souls of non-humanoid creatures).
But wait then a black soul gem is no different than a grand soul gem!
By enabling this option, black soul gem ignores black soul levels and can be filled by killing a level 1 bandit. Whereas grand soul gem can only be filled by killing high level humanoids who give grand level black souls. Hence black soul gems remain special.

[size=+1]Option #6: (available only if option #2 is enabled)[/size]
Capturing a soul into a soul gem gives you enchanting XP.
The amount of XP is dependent on the level of the soul gem, and is adjustable via the menu.

[size=+1]Some notes:[/size]
1. Azura's Star is untouched, it can always trap any white souls and can never trap black souls.
2. The Black Star can always be filled by any black souls, and can never trap white souls.
3. This mod might not work 100% correct if you have both Azura's Star and the Black Star in your inventory. fixed....although I don't know who would want to have both Azura's Star and the Black Star.....
4. Soul Tear shout remains unchanged. I will add support for it in the future.

This mod changes forms of the soul trap effect, so it is not compatible with any other mods that do the same thing.
e.g. It is NOT compatible with Acquisitive Soul Gems.
But it have almost all the features of Acquisitive Soul Gems anyway.
It should be compatible with everything else. However this mod is new and I could not test all the possibilities. So please tell me if you encounter incompatibility issues.
known incompatibilities:
Enchanting Awakened
Acquisitive Soul Gems

[size=+2]Load Order[/size]
Load this mod after Unofficial Skyrim Patch and SkyRE if you have them.

Use NMM or extract the files to ../Skyrim folder.

Deactivate the mod in NMM then delete it.
Or manually delete Soul Trap Redone.esp in ../Skyrim/Data folder.

Bug fixes
Many fixes to soul trap notifications, now they are less buggy and are more consistent.
Now Azura's star and the black star will be first filled. (as oppose to being filled only when you have no other empty soul gems in your inventory to hold the soul)
Soul trap gives enchanting experience.
Some code optimizations.
Fixes compatibility issues with Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
Initial release.

[size=+2]My other mods[/size]
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