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My mods:

Papa Timm - Thievery

In Short

1. Sneaking is much harder. Light and sound affects much more your skills.
2. Enemies search much longer for you
3. Lockpicking is much harder. You will have ti use the perks to unlock a higher lock.
4. Pickpocketing is much harder and levels not so fast.
5. Speech Tree has been changed a bit.
6. Some New Perks
7. Throwing Knives (The Knife and the Holster with extra Enchantment)
8. One Handed Crossbows
9. Harder Traps, which make noise
10. shifted Light Foot, so you may trigger all traps and get all the Perks of sneakery without light foot.
11. Added many new Gems to steel in Noble Houses (Also Decorative Swords.)
12. New Thieves Guild Armors. Grey, Black, Variations (Only buyable from Tonillia)
13. If you want to use HongMun Coat with HDT by goldiocks you have to download and install SKSE and HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT , if not, you do not need to install those.

-Special thanks to Etayorius. Without him my mods would not exist. And my description would be without colour and everything else.

01.Prolog – 02.Sneak

03.Lockpicking – 04.Pickpocket

05.Speech – 06.1-H Crossbows

07.Throwing Knives – 08. Knife Holster

09.Installation – 10.Compatibility

11.Credits – 12.Recommended


I want to thank all the Modders, who helped me and let me use their Ideas, Meshes and Textures. I am really bad in designing. So I asked many many people, whether I could use their work. Most of them said yes. Without them, my mod would be less than nothing.

Every Single new Texture, every single new Mesh and every single new Animation is not from me but from other great modders. I included them into my mod, so you do not have to install their mods. You should of course download them, to endorse them afterwards.

All modding was made by me. I had some ideas, some Ideas I used from other mods. But I have to say, I made everything myself and I just use some Ideas I was fond of. Often I changed the Idea from another great modder and formed it for me.

This Mod does change some SCRIPTS. Only the Trap scripts.


I wrote it out of TESVEdit. So I may missed some changes, because TESVEdit does not show all Settings.
In short: You sneak harder, Enemies can not see you if you hide behind a corner, while he is looking half way to you. The weight of your Armor now has an impact on your sneaking.
The Muffled effect was broken. I never knew that, but kryptopyr knew. So I made a fix after his idea.
The problem was, if you have 2 effects on you with muffle, it was deactivated without you ever knew. Now ecery muffle effect does not completely muffle you, but only part. And every effect will give you a part more.


-Changed Perks

You are 8% harder to detect when sneaking. Also you can sneak 2% faster.
You are 16% harder to detect when sneaking. Also you can sneak 4% faster.
You are 24% harder to detect when sneaking. Also you can sneak 6% faster.
You are 32% harder to detect when sneaking. Also you can sneak 8% faster.
You are 40% harder to detect when sneaking. Also you can sneak 10% faster.

Muffled Movement
Noise from clothing and light armor is reduced up to 25%. Wearing heavy armor reduces this effect.

Light Foot
You won't trigger pressure plates while sneaking. Also your falling damage is reduced another 10%. (20% with Light Foot I)

Silence (now Light Play
You can half vanish in lighter areas from the eye of the enemy while sneaking.

All sneak attacks do 50% more damage.

Deadly Aim
Sneak attacks with Archery and One-Handed Weapons now do three times damage.

-New Perks

Assassins Weapons:
Throwing Knives do 25 % more damage and scale with your Sneak Skills (Lockpicking, Pickpocketing and Stealth). You may craft Paralysis Darts and Poison Darts.

Light Foot I:
Your falling damage is reduced by 10%. Wearing no Heavy Armor, you evade 25 % of all Critical Hits except the ones with Dagger or Sword.

Muffled Movement 02:
Noise from clothing, light and heavy armor is reduced by 25%.


In Short: All locks are harder to pick. The Perks must be taken to open a lock fast enough.


-Changed Perks
Novice - Master Locks:
All locks are easier to pick.

Locksmith / now Safe Specialist
Safes, chests, and containers are easier to unlock. Pick starts close to the lock opening position.

Automatically gives you a copy of a picked lock's key if it has one. You may craft Lockpicks on your own.

Treasure Hunter
50% greater chance of finding special treasure. Find more gold in chests.

Golden Touch
You do 10% more damage against Foes with 20 Gold or more.

-New Perks
Soft Hands
Lockpicks break only 50% of the time.



I searched a long time ago mods, that can deactivate the Bug, whitch was on the Pickpocketing Enchantment. I found some of them. I made my own fix now. The Pickpocket Enchantment works.
Pickpocketing gets harder, the heavier your desired object has. Not the Price will make it hard to steal but the weight.
The maximum PickPocket chance is now by 98%.


-Changed Perks

I did not change anything. I will, but at the moment I do not have any idea.

-New Perks

Not yet any added


-Changed Perks

I only changed the Position of some perks. So they fit together better.

-New Perks

Shout Master
Shout cooldown is reduced by 15%.
Shout cooldown is reduced by 30%.

Words Are Stronger
...Than The Sword. Gain 30 % stronger Shouts.

06. 1-Handed Crossbows

The idea from D0VAK11N was ingenious. I used it on the Throwing Knives as well!
I did not made Weapons, I made Staves. gave them the Sound of Crossbows and made magic effects with Bolt projetiles.
Now it looks like you are holding a Crossbow in one hand. It feels like it too. The only problem is, that the Perks did not work, because you do not have a Bow in your hand. So I added to all relevant Perks in my other mods the correct lines.
The 1-Handed Crossbows count now to the Light Crossbows.
If you use my Magic Module, then Wards and Shields block all damage of 1H Crossbows (only with the Perk Deflect Arrows.)
If you use my Archery Module, then all Light Crossbow / Short Bow Perks concerning Damage will apply to 1H Crossbows.

5 Crossbows to find in loot or to craft:
1. Steel
2. Dwarven
3. Dragonbone
4. Nightingale
5. Silver (With extra damage to Undead and agical creatures

07. Throwing Knives

The look like knives, the sound like knives and they are Magic Staves.
The good thing is, you can use them out of hand, without equipping a Spell. Also I did not use any Scripts like all the other Throwing Weapon Mods out there.
The bad thing is, you may not loot your thrown Knife. The Projectile will vanish. You have to use Soul Gems to reload the Knives ore the Crossbows. Because of this I made a special Soul Gem with the Name „Ammo“. You can buy it or find it. One Ammo fills one Crossbow or one Knife. Sorry for that.
It was completely overpowered with infinite Ammo, but I did not want it to use Magicka.

Elven Elmwood
Dark Elven
Elven Ebony

Silver (Extra Damage to undead)
Draugr / Draugr Honed (With chance to do mayor damage to Living)
Falmer / Falmer Honed (With chance to poison)
Nightingale (with chance to absorbe Health)

Some of the knives can be crafted at the Lunar Forge (only if you use my Archery Module). The Lunar version of the knives does extra damage at night)

08. Knife Holster
If you use Cloaks of Skyrim they clip with it. Holsters are using slot 60 to equip.

Every Holster now has a special enchantment.
Every Holster: You can throw much more Knives, when equipped the fitting holster (Elven Holster -> more Elven Knives can be thrown.)
Iron Holster: All Knives do 4x backstab damage.
Steel Holster: All Throwing Knives do 35% more damage.
Silver Holster: All Throwing Knives do 25% more damage (Silver Knives also 25% stronger Silver Damage).
Ebony Holster: Every Throwing Knife does 4 times the damage to Vampires, Death Hounds, Daedra and Gargoyles.

All other Holster: All Throwing Knives do 25% more damage
All Silent Moons Holster: All Throwing Knives do 25% more damage (also Lunar).

09. Installation

1.Extract file
2.Copy content of the file in your Skyrim\Data
3.Open the Skyrim launcher / Nexus Mod Manager and check the 05PapaTimm_Thievery.esp


Just overwrite the old File with the new one


1. Delete 05PapaTimm-Thievery.bsa
2. Delete 05PapaTimm-Thievery.esp

10. Compatibility

PapaTimm - Thievery
This mod is not compatible with mods, that change
- Trap Scripts
- Sneak, Pickpocket and Lockpicking Perk Trees

Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn will be required!
* If the game ctds at the beginning, than you have to buy all the DLC
* If you are playing this game for not so long you bought the Legendary Edition and have all the DLC already.
* If you are playing this game for a long time, it deserves you buy all the DLC.

Make your Mod Compatible:

In the game there are so many Keywords programed but not used. I used some of them.
Add those Keywords to your Weapon, Spell or Recipe to make your mod compatible.

Skyforge Steel / Blades Weapons Keyword: MagicRestedMagicka
Throwing Weapons / One Handed Crossbows Keyword: MothNest2
Silent Moons Weapons Keyword: Job Apothecary

Nature Spell Keyword: MagicRestedStamina
One Handed Crossbow Spell Keyword: JobFletcher
Silver Enchant for TN and 1HCross Keyword: LinkDefNight
Silver Enchant Weapons Keyword: LinkLair

Crafting Stations
Silent Moons Forge Keyword: DLC1WispWallEffect
Nightingale Keyword: TGValuable
Jewlery Crafting Keyword: JobOrcChief
Special Crafting Keyword: JobLumberjack

11. Credits


One Handed Crossbows by D0VAK11N
Throwing Knives WIP by Nez
Elven Weaponry by cageu
Allannaa Stained Glass Weapons and Arrows by Allannaa
Heavy Armory - New Weapons by PrivateEye
Daedric Blue Weapons by Iceburg
Ethereal Elven Equipment by fume0101
Dark Elven Thalmor-style Equipment by Flobulon
Ariyan Weapon Pack by Sushiyant (Meshes and Textures from ***VengenceMkII***;***Adonnay***; ***Hel Borne***;***mbj_mje***;***waalx***)
Specialized Weapon Collection by Vicn


Nernies Thief Pack by Nernie
Duelists Longcoat by str8maverick
HongMun Coat with HDT by goldiocks
Armored Circlets by Quickfox
6 Circlets by jet4571

Stealth Skills Rebalanced - Sneak - Lockpicking - Pickpocket by kryptopyr
Improved sneak detection by Dragonborn77
Sneak Tweak by deadfables
Traps Make Noise - More Dangerous Traps by kryptopyr
Killing traps by Hexaae