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A 25 percent chance to disarm your opponents. This is a re-enabled lost skill that Bethesda didn't finish implementing. Fully fixed and now properly working.

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Will work on any version of Skyrim and with or without any of the dlc's!

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Trick Shot sits between Quick Shot and Bullseye and requires 80 Archery to get.

While working on my last mod, Proper Trick Shot the subject came up that the 2 spell effects from Trick Shot and Bullseye likely would not stack well and might cause game issues.

The suggestion was made to make it so Bullseye had the same effect as both Bullseye and Trick Shot and The Trick Shot perk Itself would be disabled when you got to Bullseye.

This mods does just that. When you have Trick Shot you have a 25% chance of disarming your opponents.

However when you get Bullseye it now disables the spell effect from Trick Shot and adds the new spell effect that gives you BOTH the 25% chance disarm AND the 15% Chance of paralyzation.

Tests show that the Trick Shot Perk only works when your opponent is actively attacking you.

With the helpful advice of JoeKa8 (See the discussion under posts) I have made adjustments that seem to clear up any issues this might have.

The changes make it work like this:

When you go from Ranger to Bullseye you get the standard original Bullseye.

Now when you go from Trick Shot to Bullseye the original Trick Shot gets disabled and you get a single spell effect of combined Bullseye and Trick Shot.

Any mod that changes Bullseye will conflict.
Any mod that restructures the Archery tree will not work either.

With the exception of Bullseye any mod that changes any of the vanilla Archery perks will work fine with this.

German Translation Provided by: JoeKa8

Italian Translation Provided by: mannygt

Translations are greatly welcomed and appreciated by all!

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