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This mod now adds 140 containers of 4 different types throughout the world to organize and hold all your stuff so you don't have to carry it all on you.

Tired of dragging all your smithing supplies around with?

Do you harvest flowers and fungus where ever you go?

Do you rob an inn of EVERY food Item they have?

Well, now you can just deposit all those items into a nearby container and get them later, halfway across the world.

All 5 player homes are covered plus the 3 Hearthfire homes as well as all player cities in Vanilla Skyrim, Dragonborn and Dawnguard. (yes even the little ones) See full list below.

I have always said I want to keep this mod SIMPLE, but after using it myself I realize clicking on 100+ ingredients to put them away is a pain. So I have added AUTO-STORAGE. It's subtle though, you have to be sneaking when you activate the chest, and an Auto Storage dialog will pop up, to ask you what you want to do. By default, just click [use] again and the dialog box goes away.

I've also added a couple new Custom Containers, a Soul Gem Crate, and a Mining Cart (sorry the ore and ingots in the cart can not be harvested)

Update and Uninstall Warnings !!!!

Sadly, I've decided to discontinue work on the Vanilla + Addon's version of MCSN, there is just to much room for errors to slip in when combining the mods into the Complete version and for maintaining and External Home patches. I may change my mind if a enough people request it, but for now, i'll just be updating the Complete Version and building all External home patches with Complete.

If you are Updating to Version 2.0 from either Complete 1.xx or Vanilla 1.xx with Hearthfire Patch -- Remove all contents from the Construction Crate and save the game before switching to version 2.0

If you are updating from Vanilla 2.x with Patches to Complete 2.0 -- remove Vanilla and Patches with NMM and install the Complete version. Nothing extra is required in game.

Please remove all your items from the Blacksmith, Alchemy, Soul Gem, Construction Crates and Food boxes before uninstalling (permanently) either Version of this mod.

Hearthfire Support

I have linked my containers to the appropriate tradeskill items. So when you first build the house you won't see any of my containers like you do in the Vanilla homes. The list below tells the container, what room it is in, and what you need to build to get that container to show up.

I've also added a Construction Crate and Blacksmith Chest near the drafting table of the three plots that can be used to store your Building Materials (or anything else of course).

Since Windstad Manor, Lakeview Manor and Heljarchen Hall are basically Identical I've just made one list, the number of containers that are actually added to the game will depend on the way you construct your home.

Future Plans

Check for Sticky Post for Exciting plans for the future of this mod!!

Change Log

7/03/14 Complete Version 2.02 (Fixed Scripts so DLC items are included in "deposit all" feature)
6/29/14 Complete Version 2.01 (Warmaiden's and Scorched Hammer smithing chests work properly)
6/28/14 Updated all versions to 2.0
6/14/14 Complete Version 1.1 (Warmaiden's Chest now works properly)
6/08/14 Added Complete Version.
6/07/14 Added Dawnguard Patch (Manual download - optional file - be sure it loads after Vanilla)
6/03/14 Added Hearthfire Patch (Manual download - optional file - be sure it loads after Vanilla)
5/25/14 Added Dragonborn Patch (Manual download - optional file - be sure it loads after Vanilla)

Locations - Dawnguard

Fort Dawnguard
Food Barrel (next to fireplace)
Blacksmith Chest (Across from Workbench)
Alchemy Jar (Bottom shelf near forge area)
Soul Gem Bowl (Bottom shelf near Forge area)

Castle Volkihar
Blacksmith Chest(Near Forge)
Alchemy Satchel(Near Alchemist Table)
Soul Gem Bowl (On Enchanting Table)

Locations - Hearthfire

Construction Crate - Near Drafting Table
Blacksmith Chest - Near Drafting Table

Food Barrel - Exterior (Garden)
Food Barrel - Exterior (Fish Hatchery) [Windstad Manor Only]
Food Basket - Small House (Firepit)
Food Barrel - Main Hall (Fireplace)
Food Barrel - Greenhouse (Wall Shelves (4))
Food Basket - Kitchen (Fireplace)

Alchemy Jar - Main Hall (Alchemy Table)
Alchemy Satchel/Jar - Greenhouse (Wall shelves (4))
Alchemy Satchel/Jar - Alchemists Tower (Alchemy Table)

Soul Gem Bowl - Main Hall (Enchanting Table)
Soul Gem Bowl - Enchanting Tower (Enchanting Table)

Blacksmith Ore Bucket - Cellar (Blacksmiths Forge)
Blacksmith Stack of Ingots - Armory (Armor Workbench)
Blacksmith Ore Bucket - Main Hall (Anvil)

Locations - Dragonborn

Severin Hall
Blacksmith Ore Bucket
Alchemy Jar
Soul Gem Bowl
Food Barrel

Raven Rock
Alchemy Basket
Blacksmith Chest

The Retching Netch
Food Basket

Morvayn Manor
Food Barrel
Soul Gem Bowl

Locations - Vanilla

Blacksmithing Chests (26)

The Skyforge

The Scorched Hammer
The Ragged Flagon

War Anvil's (Ingots)

Alvons' House

Understone Keep (Ingots)
Vlindrel Hall (Bucket)
Blacksmith (Bucket)

Proudspire Manor
Blacksmith's (Ore Bucket)

Lod's Blacksmith

Rustleif's Blacksmith

Shor's Stone
*Blacksmith's House (Blacksmith Chest)
*Smelter (Mining Cart)

Dragon Bridge
*Armor's Workbench (Ore Bucket0

Darkwater Crossing
*Smelter (Mining Cart)

*Smelter (Mining Cart)

*Smelter (Mining Cart)

*Smithing Grindstone (Mining Cart)

*Smelter (Mining Cart)
*Smelter (Ore Bucket)

*Inn's Tanning Rack (Ore Bucket)

Alchemy Containers (29)

Breezehome (Satchel)
Arcadia's Cauldron (Jar)
Dragon's Reach (Basket)

Elgrim's Elixirs (Satchel)
Mistveil Keep (Basket)
Honeyside (Jar)
The Ragged Flagon - Cistern (Satchel)

Sleeping Giant Inn (Basket)
Sleeping Giant Inn - Secret Room (Jar)

Palace of the Kings (Jar)
Hjerim (Satchel)
The White Phial (Satchel)

College - Hall of Countenance - Downstairs (Jar)
College - Hall of Countenance - Upstairs(Jar)
College - Arch-Mage's Quarters (Jar)

Grave Concoctions (Satchel)
Dead Man's Drink (Basket)

Proudspire Manor (Satchel)
Angeline's Aromatics (Satchel)
Castle Dour (Basket)

Understone Keep (Satchel)
Vlindrel Hall (Satchel)
Hag's Cure

The Mortar and Pestle (Jar)

*Shor's Stone
*Campfire (Basket)

*Darkwater Crossing
*Farm (Satchel)

*Farm - Satchel

*Mill - Satchel

*Mill Stone (Basket)

Food Barrels (27)

Arcadia's Cauldron
Dragon's Reach
The Bannered Mare

The Bee and the Barb
Elgrim's Elixirs
The Ragged Flagon - Cistern

Riverwoods Traders (Basket)

Birna's Oddments (Basket)

Palace of the Kings (Barrel)
Candlehearth (Barrel)
Hjerim (Barrel)
The White Phial (Barrel)

Proudspire Manor (Basket)
Radiant Raiments (Basket)
Angeline's Aromatics (Barrel)

Understone Keep (Basket)
Hag's cure
Vlindrel Hall (Basket)
Silverblood Inn (Barrel)
Silverblood Inn (Basket)

*Shor's Stone
*Campfire (Barrel)

*Darkwater Crossing
*Farm (Barrel)

*Farm (Barrel)

*Mill Stone (Barrel)

*Mill Stone (Barrel)

Soul Gem Bowl (16)

Dragon's Reach

Mistveil Keep

Sleeping Giant Inn - Secret Room

Palace of the Kings

College - Hall of Countenance
College - Arch-Mage's Quarters

Jarl's Longhouse

Blue Palace
Castle Dour
Proudspire Manor

Understone Keep
Vlindrel Hall

The White Hall

Known Bugs

None that I've found, but if you find any bugs, or can't get a containers to work, please leave a post. Please include which version you are using, Complete or Vanilla +.

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Thank you DarkFox127 for creation of his tutorial on how to do this.