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Changes crossbow reloading so that the player can control when it happens. Never get stuck reloading the crossbow at an inconvenient time EVER AGAIN! :D

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: Hey guys! The new "Final" version of this mod will probably be the last update you will ever see for this. It only fixes a minor bug regarding bound ammunition. If anyone wants to improve/tweak/use anything from my mod, feel free to do so as long as you credit me as the original author. Thanks to all who have downloaded and endorsed!

Don't you hate it that when using a crossbow you get stuck in an obnoxiously long reloading animation after firing EVERY SINGLE SHOT? This mod changes that by allowing the player to control when reloading happens.
In addition, as of version 1.0, ammunition for bolts and arrows have been put into ammo pouches so that you no longer need to sift through your inventory for ammunition EVER AGAIN! :D


SKSE: While technically this mod doesn't require SKSE, I designed it with SKSE strongly in mind. Without SKSE, you will lose some very important and useful features.
SkyUI: Again, not technically required, but without SkyUI, you will lose a lot of useful features available to you in the MCM menu of this mod.

Gopher can probably explain the features of my mod way better than I can :P

The way the mod works to allow the player to control the reloading process is by putting all crossbow bolts into a separate ammo pouch. After installing this mod, all crossbow bolts that you pick up/buy/forge/etc. will be removed from your inventory and moved into the pouch. It can either be accessed by hotkey if SkyUI is installed or by an item added to the player's inventory that can be favorited. In addition to making the manual reloading work, it also has the added benefit of keeping all your crossbow bolts in one place. This means you no longer have to sift through your item list to find ammunition for your crossbow!

The second half of what makes this mod work. If you don't have SKSE and SkyUI installed, you will be given a lesser power called "Load Bolt." This power loads a crossbow bolt that you pick out of your ammo pouch into your crossbow. If you have SkyUI, an MCM hotkey can also be used to activate the reloading power.
NOTE: I didn't put any heavy restrictions on what you can and can't hotkey so that means you can actually hotkey mouse clicks as well and make your fire key the same as your reload key! :D

As of version 1.0, the ammo pouch idea has been expanded to arrows. Just like the bolt pouch, the quiver container that holds arrows can be hotkeyed or an item can be used to open it. To make archery easier with the new set-up regarding arrows, I've included two options for reloading arrows.
One is "Automatic Reload" which automatically opens the quiver after firing the last arrow of a specific type.
Another is "Quiver Hotkey = Attack Key." Just like the "reload" for crossbows, the quiver hotkey can be hotkeyed to the attack key. By doing so and toggling on the option in the MCM menu, this causes the attack key to open the quiver when you are out of arrows.
NOTE: This means that you can't use the hotkey under "normal" circumstances with this setting, I highly suggest using the quiver equippable item if you use this setting.

For those who only want the crossbow features of the mod pre-version 1.0, don't fret; archery features can be toggled on and off via the MCM menu!

If installing from a version before Version 1.0 I highly suggest first uninstalling the older version before upgrading to Version 1.0

Use NMM to install


Extract the esp and Scripts/pex files into the data folder

The psc source files are not needed for the mod to function but are provided for those who want to modify/see them

If SkyUI is installed, toggle the "uninstall" option in the menu.

Then, use NMM to uninstall


Remove the pex scripts and esp file

This mod doesn't modify anything from the vanilla game and shouldn't have hard conflicts. The way it works is by using a formlist to detect crossbow bolts and moves them into the ammo pouch/into the player's inventory when needed. With SKSE installed, this mod can even detect newly added modded bolts not explicitly included in the formlist. With that said, there is a chance that any mod that adds new crossbow bolts or arrows may not be detected causing it to revert back to vanilla loading. For compatibility with those mods, the new ammunition needs to be added to the JZBai_CrossbowBoltsList or JZBai_ArrowList explicitly in a compatibility patch or via the BoltManager script (For modders: see the example I provided with Ghosu's Project Flintlock to know how to implement compatibility with my mod).

As of now, I've tested the following mods for compatibility:
SkyRe by T3nd0s - Fully Compatible
Sneak Tools by Borgut1337 - Fully Compatible
Project Flintlock Rifle by Ghosu - Fully Compatible
Crossbows Basic Collection by DJjojo - Compatible if SKSE is installed
Auriels Crossbow and Swords by Ghosu - Compatible if SKSE is installed
Horker Weapon Pack by Ghosu - Compatible if SKSE is installed
Better Vampires by Brehanin - Compatible if SKSE is installed(it adds a silver crossbow bolt for some reason :P)
Equipment Of Eternal Shine by lKocMoHaBTl - Compatible if SKSE is installed
AlfheimKnights by Jgreybear - Compatible if SKSE is installed
Nicos Craftable Arrows by Nicoroshi - Compatible if SKSE is installed
IPM - Scoiatael Weapons by InsanePlumber - Compatible if SKSE is installed
Arrow Recovery System Overhaul by Seb263 - Compatible if SKSE is installed (In my tests of this mod with version 1.0, there may be a minor, but benign bug where picking up ammo will give you one in your ammo pouch as well as the pieces to it, but hey extra arrows never hurt anyone except your enemies right? :P )
Automatic Crossbows by J3X - Soft Incompatibility (My mod seems to cancel out the automatic multi-firing effect added by this mod for some reason. What that means is that mod and any other mod that uses its scripts can still fire, but only once like normal crossbows. I don't use that mod, so if anyone is familiar with its scripts and wants to make a compatibility patch, feel free to do so)

NOTE: I've listed compatibility here based on whether the bolts will be recognized by the auto-add feature which makes the mod work. There are some minor bugs that may make certain recipes requiring bolts from mods like SkyRe not appear that you can read about below

There is a minor bug regarding crossbow bolts showing up in the crafting menu. If a recipe requires an amount of bolts to be in the player's inventory to show up in the crafting menu, there is a chance for the recipe to not appear. In addition, recipes requiring bolts may be dulled out as if the player doesn't have the required components but show in the text that the player can craft the item in question. This is due to the strange way that the crafting menu and its recipes update during crafting. In the cases where the recipe is dulled out, the player can craft the item and that will fix the problem. In the cases where the recipe doesn't appear, craft something and the recipe should then appear. In addition, I've added a debug option in the MCM menu that allows the player to deactive the auto-add feature that puts all crossbow bolts into the ammo pouch. If you want to craft without the bug appearing at all, you can deactivate the auto-add feature in the MCM menu during crafting, add all your crafted bolts from the ammo pouch to your inventory, and then reactivate auto-add after you're done.
Another minor bug that may occur is that after talking with an NPC, crafting or mining, the ammo indicator at the bottom of the screen may display there to be more than 1 bolt equipped, sometimes even more than the number of bolts you have in your ammo pouch. Ignore the value displayed in the indicator from now on since it is incorrect. To fix this, simply draw your crossbow or check your inventory for the bolts and then it will display the correct values.

Fixed it so that bound ammunition is ignored by the mod

Expanded the ammo pouch idea into a quiver for arrows and added supplemental features for it
Fixed a bug that was adding miscellaneous items with the name "Bolt" into the ammo pouch
Added debug options to deactive/activate crossbow and archery features of the mod
Changed all references of "ammo" to "bolt"

Added the "esp hotfix" for attack key hotkeying to the main file
Added an option in the MCM menu to deactivate messages during bolt loading and transferring
Added a debug option in the MCM menu to deactivate auto-add
Added a debug option in the MCM menu to register un-registered ammunition for auto-add
Added a debug option in the MCM menu to clear the registered bolt list
Added a debug option in the MCM menu to clear the currently equipped bolt
Tweaked the auto-add feature so that it deactivates during crafting, bartering and trading with your followers
Various small tweaks to the bolt managing functions, specifically the bolt removal and bolt assessing functions

First Release.

Special Thanks to:
The SKSE Team for making Papyrus scripting more powerful

schlangster and the SkyUI team for SkyUI and the ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL documentation of the development kit for it

Gopher for making available the source code to his mod iHUD which I used as a reference on how to make hotkeys work, the Skylight video featuring my mod, and also for his entertaining Let's Play Videos with which I entertained myself while making the mod :P

isoku for making available the source code to his mod iNeed which I used as a reference on how to maximize compatibility with other mods

whoever contributes to the Creation Kit wiki for providing documentation on Papyrus functions which Bethesda for some reason were too lazy to document

and finally Bethesda for Skyrim, Creation Kit, and not providing adequate documentation on Papyrus functions... On second thought nevermind... :P