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Added: 19/05/2014 - 10:13AM
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Last updated at 18:50, 16 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 10:13, 19 May 2014

Note: This mod is no longer maintained as I've moved on to the Special Edition.

A problem I always had with the factions was that their armor had terrible enchantments. I never liked wearing faction armor because it meant I had to equip some terrible enchantments as well. This mod aims to fix that by adding faction armor to the crafting stations if and only if a relevant quest has been completed.
All the armor added by this mod share the same models as the originals, are not enchanted, can be enchanted, and can be tempered where relevant. In some cases, I have only added a crafting recipe pointing to the original armor because the original armor was already unenchanted. No tempering and armor recipes added by this mod require a smithing perk.

Added items include, and are currently limited to:
- Archmage and Psiijic robes. You must complete "The Eye of Magnus".
- College robes (five variants, plus boots and hood). No quest required.
- Dark Brotherhood armor (leather and clothing variants). You must complete "With Friends Like These...".
- Jester's clothing. You must complete either "Delayed Burial" or "The Cure for Madness".
- Greybeard robes. You must complete "The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller".
- Mythic Dawn robes. You must complete "Pieces of the Past".
- Thieves Guild armor. You must complete "Taking Care of Business".
- Nightingale armor. You must complete "Trinity Restored".
- Dawnguard armor (includes heavy, light, and shield). You must complete either "Deceiving the Herd" or "A New Order".
- Wolf Armor. You must complete "Glory of the Dead".
- Imperial Officer's Helmet and closed Imperial Helmet. You only need the Steel Smithing perk, just as every other piece of Imperial armor.
- General Carius' Armor (Dragonborn DLC). You must complete "March of the Dead."
- Temple Priest outfit. You must complete the misc. objective "Clean Sweep" fromĀ Elder Othreloth in Raven Rock.

[The edit to the crafting header ('Studded' category was changed to 'Clothing') has been removed as of v1.6. No longer needed due to SkyUI's new crafting interface, which I recommend.]